[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “Nessa” L09A09 for 5.x.x

Welcome to the official public release of the ShinTo Kernel series.


Please always get the latest release from HERE

Why name the Kernel “ShinTo”?

To me it has the meaning of “Study of the Essence” (to achieve) “The Way of The Gods” as, to me, ShinTo Kernel is a way to learn and become an expert.
Also the name just sounds very “catchy” 🙂

Why “Nessa”?

This release is dedicated to the loving memory of Nessa (2000-2015).

Please take note that this is a 2 months old version (13th November 2015) that I’m recompiling & releasing now for those unconditional ShinTo Kernel supporters out there.

Why did it take so long to release? Well actually I wasn’t planning on releasing it to the public but I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from very nice folks so… hopefully it won’t break the internet…lol! 


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69 Responses

  1. j3n5t says:

    Thank you @CEKMTL been looking forward to a new release.

  2. kevp75 says:

    Nice bro. Can’t wait to get my flash on 😉

  3. 6h0st says:

    Thank you! You are the best.

  4. Silvester says:

    Thank you for this release, can’t wait to try it out!

  5. thank you man for the best kerenl good battrey so far

  6. ojojkrad says:

    Great. Thank You!

  7. Silitek says:

    Hey mate great to read that developing for the N3 continues. Thanks, can’t try it running new device Edge + most say it’s pretty boring on this. Not much development with this phone

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Silitek, the!
      Well development never stopped (I’m currently on L10A04) but after so many people were asking me for L09A09 in private…

      Really? Not much development? Cos device is rock solid or because not many people have it?

  8. vagenrider says:

    my friend,please come on note4 f.. 🙁

  9. Mike B says:

    Both the 9005 and 900T versions seem to run flawlessly, as expected. It might be an “old” version to you but it’s still light years ahead of any other N3 kernel out there. Thanks for sharing!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Mike!
      Thank you for such kind words and continued support 🙂
      Yep it is an old version…2.5 months is a lifetime in dev cycle 😉
      It these 2.5 months I was really able to go wild with my experiments…and get some very interesting results 😀

  10. vhsantos says:

    Can we ask for kcal suporte please…congrats for amazing kernel

  11. kopitalk says:

    “Removed a lot of stuff from Synapse and left the ones that can’t be controlled with Kernel Aduitor.” I thought this is hilarious. 😛 Thanks for the excellent release once again…

  12. Shana says:

    How exactly did you learn how to do all this?
    This just blows my mind. LEL I’m kinda new to this whole world of custom ROMs and such.
    This is amazing however. I truly wish I knew what you did and how you did it.
    Very inspiring =)

  13. remowrx says:

    Hi CekMTL, well done.. really want to try your new release for both 5.0 and 5.1.1 N% port but I can’t seem to get them installed successfully. I’m stuck at Samsung Logo. But whne I install another kernel in order to get boot I see that Synapse and the other app is installed. I’m using dual boot app from xda, I dont know if you are familiar with it but here is the link.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2447534

    Is your kernel compatible with the app, or I’m missing anything..Any help is much appreciated

  14. pirate.666 says:

    Hello. This kernel has always been awesome. I wonder, does it work on a note 5 port?

    • Mike B says:

      Yes, and it’s the best thing you can do for a N5 port running 5.0-5.11! My daily driver runs a 5.1.1 N5 port with the latest ShinTo overclocked to 2.8GHz and I love it! 😉

      • pirate.666 says:

        Sounds great. I’ve always liked this kernel but it seems to bootloop when I flashed it on Phronesis rom v.5.2. Hm…

  15. Mike B says:

    I haven’t looked at Phronesis in ages, but since it’s based on the common darkera13 port it should be fine. Make sure that you use the correct file and that the kernel flashes properly (try Flashify), and keep in mind that without a bootlog it would be very difficult for anyone to help you. This is NOT a support area, but check on XDA for details on how to grab a bootlog.

  16. cadipeshahuja says:

    I have installed this kernel on phronesis v5.1 & it’s awesome. Very good battery life. What I want to know is that is it safe for the hardware and the phone as a whole to increase the wireless charging power. Currently it’s quite slow compared to normal wired charging.

    • Mike B says:

      I never use “wired” charging and never had problems with Synapse’s “Enabled_FastCharge” whether using a traditional QI pad or one of the new QI 2.0 (“fast charge”) ones. Remember that a lot depends on how much power is actually sent to your phone (USB charger, AC adapter, etc.). In practice, most N3 receivers can only produce a safe 1A at the very most. Use Ampere or a similar app to monitor the charging current if you’re worried. No promises, no guarantees, life is a gamble! 😉

  17. Rex says:

    Unfortunately Nessa gives me dozens FC’s per minute. McFly has been running well, except screen-off note and video-camera problems. Any idea, why Nessa causes those FCs? I have 9005 Intl. Thanks!

    • Mike B says:

      You do know that CEK is *NOT* providing support, right? In any case, it would be difficult for anyone to help you from the limited information provided (which Nessa version, which ROM, which file systems, which apps, etc.). Clearing the ART/Dalvik cache can often do wonders, but there’s a good chance that you could solve your problem by looking at your logs where the clues usually are…

  18. Arjun says:

    The link is not working Bro. And when I flashed your kernal before, I found my sensor ‘s not working while I’m making a call. That screen-off thing is not working while holding my phone near my ear. Why?

  19. Mike B says:

    All 4 links for Nessa are working just fine. Maybe your ear is too small for the proximity sensor? Seriously, this is not a support area and even if it were nobody could help you since you provide no details at all. See my reply to Rex above. If you can’t figure out your trouble, maybe it’d be best to switch to another kernel?

  20. arin says:

    lag in game..

  21. Ciela says:

    Hello CekMTL,this kernel in the best ever!:),where i find new release kernel ?

  22. Josue says:

    Man, u are a genius! This last version is awesome! I Tested in hltecan model. Thank you!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thank you! Although I have to stress that this is an old old version… More is coming in a big way ☺️

      • Wajid says:

        Hi bro any support in future for mm roms on note 3??

        • CeKMTL says:

          For now there’s a private build of ShinTo Kernel for MM 6.0.1 roms.
          I’m thinking of releasing a public build of ShinTo Kernel in the near future.

          • cuezai says:

            Whoa, would be awesome to see this kernel running with a mm6.0.1 s7edge ported from, on my T-Mobile note 3. Hope this really happens. (The public mm kernel) thanks for all you’ve ever done for us.

          • CeKMTL says:

            Thank you for your kind words!
            Well… “impossible is nothing” 😉

  23. Kehinde says:

    Thanks for all the hard work on this kernel. I read a raving review about it on Android Authority (http://www.androidauthority.com/community/threads/the-kernel-center-all-you-need-to-know-about-kernel-components-personal-experience-and-comparisons.16538/).
    I have a Note5 running on Marshmallows on which I have installed the Skyhigh kernel. However, further support on this has stopped.
    Will Shinto kernel work on my device (Note5 on MM)?

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hi & thank you for dropping by and trying ShinTo Kernel.
      I’m currently working hard on getting ShinTo Kernel ported over to many different phones but it will take some time (and a lot of hard work).
      This version of ShinTo Kernel that you see here is only for Note3 so I’m afraid it won’t work on the Note5 but do subscribe here (or Twitter) so you can get notified of the upcoming devices that will feature ShinTo Kernel.

  24. Jason Jones says:

    Will there ever be a version of this for Sprint n900p? I can’t find any kernel that is stable and doesn’t kill my battery

  25. Raxsymelich says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a Sprint SMN900P version coming?

  26. Wajid says:

    Sir any support for mm ports??plzz reply soon and if yes is there any beta version of that??

  27. Vagenrider says:

    mate..my research is over..i spend countless hours on note 4-s6 edge plus and now on nexus 6p but the shadow led never work…
    so im thinking very seriously to roll back on note 3…(i know its crazy)
    so,i want ask you if the shadow led works on your 5x kernel and second question if you will build some 6x kernel

    • Mike B says:

      Delayed response, I know, but shadow LED works fine on my N3 running an LP 5.1.1 TW ROM and one of CEK’s magical ShinTo kernels. However, since there are so many variables, a better test would be for you to try it with your N3, your ROM, and your settings.

  28. vitor says:

    Please MM kernel.

  29. kevp75 says:

    Hey CeKMTL!

    Long time no hear 😉 Hope things are well…

    Mate, can you email me outside of this? I have a couple questions regarding the kernel…

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Kev good to hear from ya! 🙂
      Yeah doing great & working hard trying to go “pro” 😉
      I gave my first presentation over at DoridCon Madrid about two week ago. Talked about the inner working of the Linux Kernel from Android’s point of view & about some of my work.
      There were like 200+ ppl over at the presentation and they seemed to love it lol xDDDD

      How about you? what you up to?
      Take care!

      • kevp75 says:

        Awesome mate! What an honor that must’ve been! 😀 😀
        Workin hard…. finally got some time (albeit still very little time tho lol)

        Workin on getting a kernel compiled (still rockin the note 3 lol), and going great. I actually had a question for ya, but I completely forgot what it was lmfao!

        Glad to hear things are well mate!

      • kevp75 says:

        And of course now I remember right? lol
        It was a question with ShadowLED, and hoping you would know the new values for MM

        Seems blue is the new internal storage, red is still external, and green has fallen off the phone 😉

        Thanks mate!

  30. Ryan says:

    No available kernel for 6.0.1 soon?

  31. Andrea says:

    Hi. Reading some comments seems this kernel is still alive for 5.0 Lollipop. Is it right? If yes, it’s so good to hear!
    I cannot wait till the day you’ll release a new version!

  32. Sidiahmed says:

    Svp kernel shinto for mm 6.0.1

  33. vagenrider says:

    cek my friend..after a long time..and 3 devices..note 4..s6 edge plus..nexus 6p..never worked on these but really thank you for the help you gave me before a year……….so from today im back on note 3! im so happy and proud for you,i saw your video about android..honestly,hope to see you with the most powerfull kernel on 6.0.1 for our loved note 3!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hi my good friend!
      Thank you for your kind words and I hope you are doing well.
      I’ll be (publicly) releasing shortly some of my work for the Note3.
      Keep an eye here 😉

  34. ahmed says:

    When it will be released kernel Shinto for 6.0.1

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