ShinTo Kernel “KobayashiMaru” L22A06 for 6.0.1 UX

Welcome to the official public release of the ShinTo Kernel series.


Please always get the latest release from HERE

Why name the Kernel “ShinTo”?

To me it has the meaning of “Study of the Essence” (to achieve) “The Way of The Gods” as, to me, ShinTo Kernel is a way to learn and become an expert.
Also the name just sounds very “catchy” 🙂



Please don’t direct link the zip files.

If you would like to include ShinTo Kernel in your rom, you’re more than welcome; just give everyone credit and include as the site for ShinTo Kernel.


N9005 L22A06 #1542 for 6.0.1
N900T L22A06 #1542 for 6.0.1
Only those who have stability issues please try with
these alternative versions N9005 | N900T


Please be aware that this version of ShinTo Kernel will RESET Synapse settings so you will have to configure them again!
As for the changelog, this build includes the S-View fix thx to a very generous friend that donated & sent his Sview from across the pond so thank you VERY MUCH MIKE! 😉
Also includes bug fixes and code improvements to PrecoGOV among others.
As a fun fact, HardWake works even when you have the Sview cover closed; you just have to double tap on the transparent plastic cover 🙂 (at least it works with my Sview).

Also a big THANK YOU to all my Beta Testers in the private forum | Muchas gracias a mis Beta Testers del foro privado!
PS: Beta Testers please REFLASH this version as I’ve included some code from L22A07 that should improve your version of L22A06 (the one you have from 27 novembere 2016).
PS: Beta Testers por favor flashead ESTA versión porque (no me he podido resistir) he incluido algunas mejoras de la siguiente versión L22A07 en esta con lo que debería de mejorar la fluidez entre otras cosas en comparación con la 06.


  • Please do note that the only version that has been tested by me (& beta testers in private forum) is the EUR N9005. The rest of versions are here as a courtesy.
  • There’s NO PUBLIC SUPPORT ANYMORE. If you have an issue or think that ShinTo Kernel is the reason your boss hates you, I URGE YOU TO UNINSTALL, install some other kernel and go bother them. Those in the private forum know the drill.


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27 Responses

  1. AndroidON says:

    Thanks for the new version!
    But it seems version for N900K/S variant is not released this time.
    Can I get it someday? 😀

  2. muzli1 says:

    Thanks a lot mate. Will be test n9005 right now. Thank you

  3. Been waiting. says:

    No N900K?

  4. Ton says:

    Sir CEKMTL, i want to report the result after test for a while
    1. Proximity sensor still always blinked once i activated homeguard or hardwake. When i turn off homeguard or hardwake , proximity sensor still always blinked. Is it intended to be blinked all the time from now on? Because L22A04 kernel, proximity sensor only on for a while when i double tap screen or press home button.
    2. First version has more stability since i can boot it when phone is warm/hot, but second version of L22A06 “**” will have bootloop when i reboot device while it hot/warm.
    3. Both version locked max proc at 1036Mhz, it can’t go above that eventhou i set max freq to 2.8Ghz at synapse. Am i missing something sir?
    4. I noticed that now this kernel can operate at lower freq 268Mhz, so it is great. Thanks sir
    5. I can confirm that home button bug that opened music app while AOD on already gone.

    That is my temporary report for this great kernel sir. Will test it further and report back .
    Thank again for your hardwork and time dedicated for this amazing kernel.

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thank you for your time testing and writing such detailed review/testing.
      In exchange I would like to offer you a spot in the private beta testers group.
      If you are interested, please let me know.

      • Ton says:

        Sure sir, it is my honor to be able to help you sir. I won’t reject this good opportunity..hehe

        You can ignore point no 3 in my report sir, somehow the problem gone after i flashed back first version of L22A06. Now proc speed can reach 2.2Ghz.

  5. tmnut says:

    Thank you.
    The smart view to stream phone to smart tv is working now.


  6. Ocu Jos says:

    Just letting you know that the latest version of your fine Kernel works fine on my N9005 and Phronesis Note 7 ROM 4.0. No issues to report so far.
    This is the first release that doesn’t cause boot loop on my phone. Keep up the great work CeKMTL

  7. Aeonnex says:

    I want to try your kernel,
    do I still have to do the trick with the /sdcard/DCIM/xxx folder structure?
    Best regards,

    • Mike B. says:

      You shouldn’t have to change anything, but if somehow you still get a “violation error” when sharing pics with some of your apps, then it’s simple enough to recreate the DCIM directory, regardless of which kernel you run. If you’re coming from another kernel, get rid of any unnecessary entries in /system/etc/init.d since ShinTo doesn’t need any of that. Also resist the temptation to “tweak”. Just flash and enjoy… 😉

  8. Ton says:

    Hello sir, been testing this kernel further with new phronesis rom v4.1 N9005. So here some more reports
    1. Blue light filter dont stick, when i turn off screen then turn on, blue light filter missing, back to normal color screen.
    2. Sometimes screen rotation reverse at portrait (the display at screen upside down ) because new phronesis rom can rotates 360 degree.
    3. When i got call, screen has delay until it turns on. Around 3-7 sec delay.

    Thanks again for your hardwork sir…^_^

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Ton, apologies for the delay in contacting you (I hope this weekend).
      I’ll look into the incall wakeup delay as soon as I’ll get some free time and also the blue light filter.
      The rotation bug seems a little bit weird but I’ll find some time to flash 4.1 and test.

    • davsto says:

      I can confirm the INCALLUI wakeup delay – also reported.
      I think the Blue light filter is a conflict with the ‘ULTRADARK’ setting. In Synapse disable the Shinto OLED ULTRADARK . I am on the same ROM and with this disabled the Bluelight filter sticks.

      • CeKMTL says:

        Yes, you’re quite observant!
        It’s the UltraDark setting that has a conflict with a filter setting; I’ll code something to detect that and take appropriate measures.

        The incall problem I just have to do a couple of tests and fix it like the sview stuff.

        • Ton says:

          No problem sir, take your time..^_^
          1. I can confirm what davsto said about ultradark cause blue light filter dont stick. And also cause rgb adjustment at kernel auditor dont stick also. After i disable ultradark, both rgb adjustment and blue light filter stick. I didnt realize it since i always enabled ultradark..hehe..
          2. About rotation bug, it was ok before when i installed phronesis rom v4.1. It just behave strangely today when i use phone for browsing while charging. I already reinstalled L22A06 kernel, now it works fine. Will test it more to find what caused it.
          3. 1 thing i forgot to mention that with phronesis 4.1, while AOD on, homeguard and hardwake not working anymore, at phronesis 4 still worked. I dont use AOD , so it dont bother me, just want report only.
          Thanks sir

          • CeKMTL says:

            Great thanks your your report about 4.1
            I’ll see if I can also look into it although I don’t promise anything as I will be moving away from phronesis very soon.

          • mrc says:

            Which ROM are you going to use, then @cekhtml ? I like the idea of having the same environment as the developer 😉

  9. davsto says:

    Thankyou for your effort with these latest kernels, using L22A06 on phronesis note7 4.1 port and it is the smoothest/most stable kernel I have tried. The only issue I have (and it is not unique to just this kernel) is that there is a noticable delay for the phone to wake up when a call comes in (the INCALLUI can take 4-5 seconds to display) whilst the other side is ringing . I use S-View but I also tried removing the cover and I still have the same lag on the INCALLUI. I get the same behaviour on some other kernels whilst others are ok with instant wake up. So could be ROM related or even my particular setup but I thought I would mention it here for information. Please don’t take this as a criticism because other than this for me it is first class and an excellent reflection of your talent.

  10. Xinfinity says:

    I have n9005 and tried the latest version of the kernel I have issues with screen brightness. Whenever i use a video player such as mx player or VLC the screen dims and the brightness control in the player doesnt increase it that much. only happens with this kernel. i ave tested two other kernel and they don’t have this issue. I played around with the synapse setting regarding screen brightness but it didn’t help. Do you have any suggestions. i love this kernel but i watch a lot of videos on my mobile. hop this canbe fixedin future rlease.


    • Ton says:

      Are you using ultradark feature? I have some issue with ultradark feature turn on.
      With ultradark feature turn off, i have no issue with screen brightness control, blue light and screen color adjustment…^_^

  11. Z483 says:

    I notice previous version more save battery.
    I revert back to L22a05.. 05 is perfect kernel. V05 when using aggressive saving mode my pihone perfomance still smooth , and battery VERY VERY faster charge even with wifi on playing fb app.
    Unlike 06, when playing fb app + wifi on, charging very slow, sometime still drop while charge, even with battery fast charge tweaking.
    Sorry bad english.
    Thanks u so much for hard effort to make a great kernel.

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