Who is CeKMTL?…

Hi, my name is Carlos and I welcome you to cross over to the Metaverse; the PreCognition Metaverse!

NY 2014. Spent the morning aboard the USS Intrepid and fulfilled a life long childhood dream! 😀

My first tinkering with technology was at the tender age of 6 when I took apart a radio-cassette and then tried to reassemble it.

Best of all, it was still working even though I had in my hand some screws that I didn’t put back because I didn’t have a clue where they’d belong… 😀


From what I can remember, it was something similar to this.

After that I started inventing some crazy contraptions just because it was fun and I adored challenging my imagination.

Around 1983, with 8 years of age, I was already obsessed with automation and improving performance so one of the automation contraption I built would bring down my radiowalkies in the morning so I could listen to my favorite show while I was waking up and getting ready for school without disturbing anyone.

Mine was red and more or less the same.

Mine was red and more or less the same.

I received my first computer as a christmas gift around 1984 and that changed me forever.
First thing I did was test the “format” command on the only 5 1/4″ disk I had which was the OS; “Write protection detected, retry?” well of course, just let me get rid of the small sticker and… EUREKA IT WORKED!!!!!

Don't mess with the OS disk!

Don’t mess with the OS disk!

I gave my computer a command and it promptly obeyed! Oh WOW… with this computer, my new best friend, I imagined taking the world by storm, creating robots and flying to space… I knew I was going to create the REAL C3PO…

The only small hiccup was that I had just formatted the ONLY disk I had at the time and it was the OS…lol! 😀

At age 13 I was an active member of the BBS scene who had already hacked a couple of systems and left them wide open to my will… no internet and no google…just my imagination and perseverance!

Fun times full of discovery.

Fun times full of discovery.

With 24 years of age and a huge desire to “disrupt” the local market, I created my first full blown company.
It was a thrill and a joy ride where I created many different products and services that had great acceptance while NOT BEING CHEAP!

After some years, I went to work for some big name IT companies to gain more experience and learn how things got done outside my homeland.


Soar to new heights…

I always have this unstoppable hunger to optimize, improve and invent and, somehow, that dreamer kid is still in me, dreaming away and imagining some really cool and crazy stuff.

Around the summer of 2014 I hit the pause button on my professional career to (finally) pursue my passion to make all these dreams and crazy inventions a reality and, for that, I’m currently in the process of teaching myself all that is needed to accomplish my goals.

I am blessed to have made good friends here at PreCognition Metaverse and I am very thankful of their words of encouragement and praise!

PreCognition Metaverse is for all the dreamers out there that one day will take the world by storm and forever change our way of living!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and I encourage you to come back and share with all of us PreCogs your big dreams!

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