XDA is … NO MORE !

I will publish in this post my side of the story, after a good night’s sleep, over what happened over at XDA.

I’ve been told by many people over there that it is not the first time nor it will be the last.

Fear not, ShinTo Kernel’s home was and will always be “Precognition Metaverse” PreCog.me and I will continue development of ShinTo Kernel and other very exciting stuff as was always the plan.

Thx to what just happened over at XDA I will accelerate one of the projects to make “Precognition Metaverse” so much more than what it already is and… I’m VERY EXCITED!!!!! 😀

I was going to write a lengthy and detailed explanation so people would see the real reasoning behind what happened but, after reading the comments below, I think there’s no need for that…It seems everyone over at xda immediately understood what was really going on…

This is part of my reply to an email of a good friend of mine when “all hell broke loose” over at XDA.

It came out raw and in real time…

[…] That’s why to revolutionise you have to be independent of everything and everyone…that’s why I designed everything from the beginning to withstand all these kind of coercions…

I will publish my work when I DEEM it is PUBLISH WORTHY, when it is mature and where I am totally proud of it…
What I won’t do is publish my work in progress so I get kanged and a thousand copycats ripping my work, tweaking a couple of parameters and then saying it is “ActivGOV” or “RadioGOV” or “IntelliGOV”… that would seriously make me feel very sad almost like mentally abused in a way like all those countless all nighters meant nothing cos someone out there just kangs my code, modifies a couple of things, compiles (because of course I have to share it in a way that anyone would just run a script and it would produce an exact copy) it in 5 minutes and then uploads it to some sharing site claiming a new “whatever flashy name” kernel… NO!

I set out to push myself beyond my imaginable limits, to one day be able to create code that is considered a work of art that does great things in crazy new ways.
I wish I had 50 hours per day so I could code all the stuff I have in my head and in writing… just thinking of them I get overly impatient and feel that child’s excitement to finish them as fast as possible so everyone can enjoy and benefit from them and when the code is “art ready”, release them so everyone can have a look and improve upon….

My code and my work/invention/designs is/are my BRAND and something that I want to feel PROUD!
I don’t make or ask for money and I don’t get revenue from PreCog.me I just pour insane amount of hours into my work every single day… some would say I might have some kind of mental sickness or addiction … but it’s the MOTIVATION to CREATE stuff/designs/ideas that would be useful to ppl and it makes me proud of doing something that pushes humanity forward… am I naiive? … I think I actually don’t care if I am so or what the rest of the world might say or criticise of me… to me all that is like background noise because I am my only and most aggressive critic.

My MOTIVATION is like a mule that is pushing forward cos it can only see what is in front of it and I am betting EVERYTHING on this, my PASSION is my DETERMINATION and even if I wanted I CAN’T STOP because the creativity in my head is like a tornado that I CAN’T SEEM TO SWITCH OFF… if ppl think of this that I am MAD then oh so great because I ADORE TO BE MAD!!!!

Yesterday night, before going to bed my always hyperactive brain came up all of a sudden with an idea of an app that I instantly pitched to my GF, in real time as it was coming out of my mind.
After discussing it for a few minutes she said to me “Oh my god you really are a Devil!!!”.

I had one of those sleepless nights where my brain couldn’t shut down, connecting the dots and improving many projects iteration after iteration, all inside my little brain…
Time is but the only thing I need to bring all these projects to fruition and you will all hear about them here at PreCog.me

Thank you for your time and support! 🙂

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50 Responses

  1. kevp75 says:

    Glad to see yur not givin up bud.

    When Im not workin on DomPop dang skippy Im on kitkat with Shinto 😀

    • iamskynet says:

      Thx Kev!
      A lot Korea will be coming… Stay tuned cos now I will be able to work full steam ahead!
      I have sooooo many feathers to ruffle now 😉

  2. kevp75 says:

    Very glad to see yur not givin up bud.

    When Im not workin on DomPop Shinto and KitKat are my go to’s… and always will be


  3. flak0 says:

    Dude it’s so messed up that one person probably reported you to the mods. This is why I stopped developing long ago. I love the kernel BTW actually it think its AI not just a kernel. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Keep ur head up

    • iamskynet says:

      There will be a whole lot more coming!
      Some stuff I can’t even discuss till it will be coded but I am sure it will be useful to everyone and unique to the note3 😉
      Thank you!

  4. Machine_Head says:

    Sad you are leaving XDA. But on the other hand I am glad you are continuing here where are your own boss. 🙂 Keep it up good sir. 🙂

  5. iamskynet says:

    Thank you for such kind words! 🙂

  6. PwwwN057 says:

    Yes the kernel is working great. So smooth I saw what happen on XDA oh well. Hey if they don’t want a great kernel q&a thread that’s on them

  7. ptjunkie1975 says:

    man, I just read about it, that’s not cool…but oh well, at least we have you here!

  8. ocujos says:

    So sad to see the thread closed on XDA. It appears that GPL in this case stifles innovation as people can’t protect their IP developed separately from Samsung code.
    XDA was a great place to start your revolutionary project. They’re no longer worthy of your presence. You deserve a better home that’s not so restrictive.

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you!
      ShinTo Kernel’s home has and will always be PreCog.me
      The thread at xda was there to help out ppl and give support.
      There will be soon something a lot better than xda… Stay tuned here 😉

  9. ocujos says:

    …forgot to mention, we can’t wait for V40A02 to come out. I don’t like the “dumb”, interactive governor as it drains battery quickly. Need a taste of new, improved precognition AI 🙂

  10. This is kernel Nr.2 I used and which was banned from XDA… First Ultimate, then ShinTo. I won’t remove the kernel from my signature for sure. Feel free to ban me @ XDA. Spent much time there and was even helpful to a few ppl, even once was @ the news with the found rooting exploit for the ThinPad Tablet. Anyways… I feel confimed in my opinion that closed source will never die because of GPL! (Even though I should STFU as member of the ReactOS Project ^^) Check the other kernels which all are the same because everyone steals from each other. Great! All the same basic mass which is not even better in any aspect than the stock kernel. If they would have waited they even might have been able to get the source in the future, but why release the code if it’s not done, a WIP and not commented and stuff? Who knows… Just because some stupid script kiddie thinks he just did some good thing a day and saved the damn GPLv2 licensing. Stupid afar from adultery living babies!

    • iamskynet says:

      Well sir… It seems you read my thoughts!
      If the vultures would have quietly waited in the shadows for a little longer they would have benefited but I have to thank that good samaritan that “reported” me to the “authorities” and how fast they reacted to intimidate me and coerce me into giving all my work so that samaritan & acolytes could start xeroxing my work.
      Well, many things are clear after yesterday’s events, among them that what they did backfired on them as I would never yield and would care less to invest my time in xda, because after all they are running a good business on the back of all the forum posters and that you don’t have any kind of freedom of speech.
      How in the name of what is holy you can force ppl to remove a name from their signature and classify my work as “warez”?
      So in a way I am happy and thank the way they acted; now I can concentrate on what is really important. 😉

  11. B3311 says:

    CarlosI always feared that someone would grass on you on xda using GPL as an excuse. Screw ’em, their loss. Will follow you here:)

  12. Dieselford says:

    Thanks for continuing your work! I enjoy following what you do and am glad you are not caving to the demands of the lousy forum administrators! Looking forward to the future of Shinto kernel and precog.me!

  13. ghalib87 says:

    It is really sad that a genius like you had to leave xda community all because of some stupid law’s which at the first place shouldn’t even exist.it is a great loss for them ,not for you because of their hindsight. i believe because of their narrow mentality your work will not be hampered .Proud of you

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am not against the gpl per se but against the bullish way to “enforce” it.

      I don’t consider myself a genius, not at all as I haven’t done anything “genius worthy” …yet.

      I’m still learning and trying some crazy ways of doing things that most ppl don’t seem to want to pursue.

      OH well, nice things will be coming 😉

  14. Machine_Head says:

    Just read the whole post again. Think of your supporters as patrons of your art. 🙂

  15. derride8 says:

    we thank you and support you 100%. F*?k the haters.

  16. zhobotero69 says:

    man sad that your leaving xda, but still happy that you will still continue your great work.. will keep your great work truly appreciated and be loved. more power and don’t leave us behind .

  17. Dragoninja says:

    F*ck xda. Nothing but ungrateful wingers.
    You do what you gotta do.
    Hat off to you.

  18. ocujos says:

    Back to the “Q&A discussion” that was rudely interrupted by the bunch of bunnies at XDA….

    I had three SOD “crashes” this morning. I love the smoothness and overall user experience of Shinto but I use my N3 for work, so I had no choice but to flash stock kernel. Is there any setting on V40A01 to prevent SOD’s so I can continue using it?

    • iamskynet says:

      It is fixed in V40A02.
      Most of the issues ppl are having is because of running PrecoGov and mpdecision/touch boost at the same time.
      If both are competing to control the cpu and cores, bad things happen.
      I and beta testers ran V40A01 for some time without any issues but all beta testers followed instructions to the T.
      They didn’t activate PrecoGov and then run to activate intelli-plug…

      Most of the issues happen because ppl don’t read or understand.
      V40A02 takes care of all the abuse by ppl and then some more.

      • ocujos says:

        That’s great news! I’m glad we’re talking about the kernel again and not about that other site. I’m hoping to see a new thread started on a developer friendly site.

        • iamskynet says:

          Thank you.
          I am working on it and it will be much much more than a forum.
          It’s goal will be, among others, to share knowledge and discoveries in the Android world and to have a centralised repository of proven information.
          It’s aim won’t be to a commercial site to make money like others…

          Anyways I’m quite overloaded with all the different projects and would like to ask all the known gods to extend my days to 50 hours as I don’t seem to have enough with a meager 24… Lol

  19. blekota says:

    perfect kernel but too many random reboots during starting calls or SOD with no undervolting and with any kind of governor.. that led function and ums is for me absolutely gr8 i love them but for me is first prioritiy stable system..
    this kernel is much better than numero uno kernel “ultimate kernel” and his author was too restricted in XDA and his thread was closed.. same like u

    btw where is download link to ver V40A02 ?

    you wrote: “Most of the issues ppl are having is because of running PrecoGov and mpdecision/touch boost at the same time.”
    so no im trying setting with inteliplug without touch boost..

    • iamskynet says:

      Intelli-plug is not needed when PrecoGov is running the show but when you try to activate it, it gets deactivated instantly because PrecoGov shuts intelli-plug down BUT then Synapse starts again mpdecision…
      Did I explain myself better now?

      No link yet for V40A02 because… Well it hasn’t been released…


      • blekota says:

        but u wrote SOD is caused for many touchboosts; and touchboost can be disabled only in inteliplug, and inteliplug can run only without precogov

        so thats reason why i trying diferent governor with turned off touchboost.. maybe now i will be without random reboots and SOD..

        that led blinking mod is gr8 like on pc hdd led.. for me perfect.. wow

        • iamskynet says:

          Well, V40A02 should take care of all the different combinations ppl have been trying and V40A03 will….well let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉

          Yep, that led blinking thing is inspired by pc hdd led and because I need to know what is going on especially when the screen is off.
          Glad you like it!

  20. emuandco says:

    Btw, while we talk about the LED mod. After about a day of use it does not blink anymore at all. No clue yet how long at really works, before it silences

    • iamskynet says:

      Disable Samsung’s notification led features and it will work for weeks on end.
      If you have the two enabled at once they would end up clashing.
      Haven’t had the time to look into it yet.

  21. blekota says:

    Too many random reboots. Strange.. only one stable kernel is for me ultimate kernel. Lean kernel too random restarts. With ultimate noone. I want use yours shinto.. I don’t know what’s problem..
    Ultimate kernel must something changed..

  22. sree says:

    ShinTO is THE best kernel I have ever used. I’m glad you still working on our be loved Note 3. Lollipop is official now. I’m eagerly waiting for ShinTO for Lollipop.

  23. sreeword says:

    ShinTo is THE best kernel that I have ever used. I’m so glad that you still working on our be loved Note 3. Lollipop is official now. I’m eagerly waiting for ShinTo for Lollipop.

  24. robcore says:

    So..This kernel that you developed…
    Every line of code in there that isn’t yours, you received do to the GPL that you despise and openly disrespect. The whole point of the linux kernel is that its source is open, and we work together as a community to make it better. By closing off the source, yet still releasing your kernel, you violate the spirit in which the linux kernel operates. You don’t like “kangers?” Build a kernel from scratch, using no open sourced code. Build your own toolchain. Build it ALL yourself. Then keep all the closed source you want.

    Otherwise, the fact that you still incorprorate features from other developers, while keeping yours closed, is incredibly hypocritical and childish to say the least. How can your work be verified without code review? How can it be trusted?

    If only there existed a strong enough enforcement arm regarding the legal aspects of the GPL, which probably at least 90 percent of your kernel has been licenced to you under. It serves you right to have been banned from XDA, and it’s frankly dispicable that you continue to release these binaries without source because “you are soooo unique.”

    You have built something that merely integrates the work of hundreds of thousands of people, and openly disrespect them while requiring respect yourself.

    I hope your website gets shutdown by copyright request, as you have done nothing but violated Linus’ copyright in every way imaginable by continuing to operate it.

    Take care,

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