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Hi all!

While I’m compiling the 4 versions of ShinTo Kernel for 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 I thought I’d explain what’s going on behind the scenes and also give my own opinion about all this latest craze.

First of all I’d like to personally thank DARKERA13 for taking upon himself the task of putting a 5.1.1 rom for a NOTE5 into a NOTE3.

That’s a lot of work per se and it becomes a monumental task when you don’t have the Android OS source code to properly fix stuff.

Those who complain should be aware that there’s quite a big hardware difference between the NOTE3 & the NOTE5; 32 vs 64 bits, camera modules are way different, some hardware from Note3 has been removed from the Note5, etc etc…

The Kernel is not running the show alone; it provides services (let’s call it that for simplicity’s sake!) (storage,ram,video,network,camera,sensors,etc…) by abstracting the underlying hardware so it becomes easier to use by the consumers, that is, the software.

Android OS is comprised of two distinct blocks; the Linux Kernel on one side and the Android stack on the other. To simplify, Android stack is responsible forย running the many services and software/apps that it needs to get things done. It’s the part that talks to the Kernel and makes all the different requests. It’s also TAILORED for the specific phone and it’s specific hardware and features, so it WILL SEND SPECIFICย INSTRUCTIONS to the kernel to get it’s work done.

What ShinTo Kernel does is detect those instructions and circumvent them, nothing more so it’s is NOT a kernel issue if the Android OS is sending the WRONG instructions for the NOTE3 camera.

It doesn’t matter what app you use to make videos as all of them will ask for the camera service from the Android OS, period!

If someone feels the urge to complain then don’t complain to Darkera13 or any other developer that is putting an insane amount of hours into (his) work and sharing it FOR FREE, but rather complain to SAMSUNG as they have the key (source code) and knowledge to produce a 5.1.1 rom that fits like a glove to our Note3 but that wouldn’t be a wise business choice for them as they need to keep the wheels of profit turning…

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16 Responses

  1. kevp75 says:

    hey mate. Fully agree with ya. He did one hell of a job

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Kev thx for dropping by!
      Yeah he did an amazing job with what was available.
      I just feel for the guy when ppl send him/post a list of non working stuff over and over again; kinda feels like a boss letting you know what you did wrong lol

      • darkera13 says:

        Hi CeKMTL,

        I’m here, camera flicker make me crazy. Can you guide me how to fix this bug, as you known my ROM support several variants so i need build kernel for them.

        Thank for your effort.

        • CeKMTL says:

          Hey Darkera13, kudos for your great work!
          Yes sure, I’ll contact you and walk you through explanation of what, why and how to “fix” it.
          Just give me 24 hours to take care of …a lot of stuff.
          Also if you need F2FS, let me know and I’ll gladly explain and share my system (scripts, fstab, etc…)
          Maybe Telegram would be easier, so ask Danivancouver to put you in contact ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. DKONECT says:

    100% agree with you guy’s and personally I think is more useful to port N5 rom (before N4)to the note 3 than all the others device’s (sammy’s make a lot, lol) because this N5, N4 was a NOTE (I mean with all the spen stuff).
    Hope a great kernel for fix the battery consumption, but it’s not a real trouble in daily use (a little bit of autonomy was better, but it’s the price for having the latest 5.1.1 directly from the note 5)
    Thanks for your hard work @darkera13

  3. Gabriel says:

    First of all a big thank you for the kernel and to Darkera13 for the great rom.
    I would like to ask if kernel L09A08 for 5.1.1 is supporting F2FS.

    Thank you for your great work!

    Best regards,

  4. Logel says:

    I’m just a nooby note 3 user and don’t know anything about this development stuff. but it’s amazing for me to see kernel devs and rom devs work hand in hand together and help each other to give us users a more and more perfect device. It’s really interesting to see what’s going on behind thed scenes.
    many Thx to the devs for your work!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Oh you would be amazed at the amount of things that are going on behind the scenes…

      I would like to thank you for dropping by and taking the time to write here

  5. Aaron says:

    Just another noob, dipping my toe into the deep end of the pool. and wanted to say thanks for sharing your hard work I hope you keep doing what you do! without developers like you and your friends we’d be stuck in the vicious upgrade cycle of the OEM’s just like the iPhone users

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