[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “MartyMcFly” L09A08 for 5.x.x

Welcome to the official (public) release of the ShinTo Kernel series.


Please always get the latest release from HERE

Why name the Kernel “ShinTo”?

To me it has the meaning of “Study of the Essence” (to achieve) “The Way of The Gods” as, to me, ShinTo Kernel is a way to learn and become an expert.
Also the name just sounds very “catchy” 🙂

Why “MartyMcFly”?

Are you kidding me?! You don’t know who Marty McFly is?! Today is 21st of October 2015!…
He might be at the 80’s cafe

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186 Responses

  1. chee seng says:

    thanks a million !

  2. Android_Guy says:

    Sorry mate.. but i cannot see the download link… 😐

  3. Silitek says:

    Let me be the first :)..Carlos, incredible..I take my hat off.

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thank you!
      I can’t allocate much time to ShinTo Kernel right now as I need to take care of other stuff but for now, L09A08 should do the trick… I hope nothing major is broken LOL! 😀

  4. Silitek says:

    Are you kidding:)…precognition, fiops all there..men i’m back to the future, Today.

  5. Saad Ramiz says:

    Which one do I flash for 5.0 stock N3 LP?

  6. Silitek says:

    Camera no flicking anymore..ect.You and Darkera unique ppl in this world. Samsung Eat Your Heart Out 🙂

  7. Silitek says:

    Right, don’t forget DaniVancouver..follow him on samsungviet lately. He make moddifications example, that kind of amazing stuff…
    Now, time to enjoy the N3..Dios te bendiga y la familia

  8. geragox says:

    Muchas gracias por tu entrega y dedicación, así como las horas de trabajo, GRACIASSSSS TOTALESSSSS

    • CeKMTL says:

      Un auténtico placer!
      Es sólo para gente apasionada de buen corazón que siempre está dispuesta a ayudar en todo!
      Pronto habrá más por el otro lado

  9. adis says:

    I run a darkera rom rc2.0 on note 3 9005 version how can I install this kernel safe and thanks.

    • CeKMTL says:

      First do a full (nandroid) backup just in case.
      Download ShinTo Kernel N9005 5.1.1
      Flash in recovery
      If you have issues or don’t know what I’m talking about, then head to Darkera’s rom thread over at xda.
      Good luck!

  10. Alfonso says:

    Fantastic job!
    It,s amazing.

  11. Marco Antonio Rodriguez Gil says:

    Hola, no se si hablas español yo soy de venezuela pero te quiero dar las gracias por tu trabajo ES MARAVILLOSO, eres un genio! Saludos y te deseo muchisimo exito!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Muchicimas gracias por tan agradables palabras y por tomarse el tiempo de escribir aca.
      Espero que ShinTo Kernel se porte bien y no le dé muchos quebraderos de cabeza 😉

  12. Peter Bell says:

    Hi my n9005 is not booting . It’s stuck on kernel is not seandroid enforcing . I want this kernel in my darkera note 5 RC2.1 to solve video flickering . My set is sm – n9005 . Do you know why some people can boot and some cannot . Most kernel which I tried in my mobile shows above error kernel is not seandroid enforcing . I was only able to instal arter 97 kernel .

    • CeKMTL says:

      All non stock kernels that have SELinux disabled will show that message.
      Don’t worry about that.
      If you want to install ShinTo Kernel for Darkera Rom, then you need to head to page 4 and download N9005 for 5.1.1 (big red letters)
      Flash it and if there are no other problems you should be booting up.
      If you need more help with the rom, check xda.
      Good luck!

  13. Peter Bell says:

    I downloaded from page 4 n9005 5.1.1 and installed but device is not booting .. Stuck on kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit kernel . I tried and installed 3 times . Same problem .

    • CeKMTL says:

      Then reinstall rom from scratch, try to boot and then download again and flash.
      If not ask for help in the rom thread at xda.

  14. Ohh that’s great that you came back to life after announcing the end of the project one more than ago so quick question, yeah I have a ROM running 5.0.1 but I noticed you talking about the other ROM a lot (Darkera) so does it work on other ROM’s? I’m asking this cause I don’t know if the Darkera ROM is fragmented with 5.0.1 & 5.1.1… It seems obvious but this phone has my life and yeah, it just can’t due right now

    • CeKMTL says:

      If you need your phone for work related stuff then I would advise you to stay in whatever rom you are right now that is working well for you.
      Whenever you will have ample time to try other roms, then by all means make a full backup and try it.
      Do take into account as I state in my previous post http://www.precog.me/2015/10/chimera-notes-three-is-a-five-is-a-three/ that it’s a Note5 rom adapted into a Note3…
      Best of luck!

      • I’m such a fool. Sorry, I replied to my own post and not this reply please read the reply to this post. Sorry, CeKMTL

        • CeKMTL says:

          Use Chrome or the built in browser and let those do the download, not a download manager or another program like “Es File Explorer”.
          I’ve tested the download links about 20 times and my beta testers also many times.
          ShinTo Kernel for 5.0.1 should work on all Roms that have a 5.0.1 base.

    • Whaoohoo. The grammar seemed to escape my mind in the last post. I was typing before i though, my bad . Anyways, I meant to say that I’m using the Aurora Note 4/S5 hybrid ROM running Android 5.0.1 and I wanted to know if the new Kernel would work with my ROM? Sorry if the previous mesg wasn’t so obvious .

      And while we’re on the subject of the new Kernel, I did like you said but on my phone. Is there a possible alternative link?

      Cheers for these super fast replies.

  15. Ohhh… The 5.0.1 International version link isn’t working :/

    • CeKMTL says:

      Just tried it again and no issues downloading from a computer and from the Note3… be sure to load the site and the post and THEN from WITHIN the post click on the link to download.

  16. Gabriel says:

    Download link is broken

  17. After many attempts in my phone, I just decided to use my laptop. Thanks for all the help, mate! Much appreciated

  18. Mike B says:

    5.0.1 only? It seems to behave nicely under my mostly-stock 5.0 (deodexed OH1) N900T/N900W8, controlled by Synapse 0.43. Am I asking for trouble? 😉

  19. Vincern says:

    Just to ask, can i use this on 5.0.2?

  20. Thomas says:

    Bug report for 5.1.1:

    1) In video recording the flicker is gone but I get audio “spiked”, Just random piks, paks … 🙁
    2) USSD codes don’t work with the kernel

    Thanks a bunch for the new kernel !

    • CeKMTL says:

      1) Audio is recording fine here. Have you altered the microphone gain from within Synapse? Pik paks means no sound just static noise?
      Ok tested it again and perfect sound recording even at very close range.

      2) Care to give a specific code so I can test it here?

      You welcome and thx for dropping by!

      • Thomas says:

        No USSD codes works even the most simple like IMEI discovery: *#06#. If I install the Darkera kernel version 1.1/1.2 they start to work again.

        About the sounds it’s probably my problem it seems that the microphone is very sensitive and it records movements of fingers or such which causes the paks… I never said it doesn’t record audio, I just need noise cancellation 🙂

        Thanks a lot for your support and answers, it shows you are committed to your users 🙂

  21. calebdev2048 says:

    I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your hard work on ShinTo kernel! I’ve had all kinds of problems with random reboots on different kernels I’ve tried but ShinTo is rock solid. Since using ShinTo I haven’t had a single random reboot on my phone. Again, thank you so much!

  22. Darrious says:

    Actually it didn’t work for me several times until I selected open in new tab. For anyone who might have similar issues (Used Chrome)

  23. Any chance you could make a kernel for the sprint device n900p ? The t-mobile works great minus the fact that we have no phone or text lol. Other than that it ran great on our device! Awesome job and thank you for your work!

  24. Thank you for new version. It’s working great on Note5 port. I was watching Back to the Future trilogy two days before your release. I was laughing to my wife that on 21 of October we will be in the future like in the movie. Then I saw your post. Good one. Could it be possible that Biff Tannen runs XDA?

  25. Mark says:

    I installed the kernel.. but how do you enable the precogov? Once installed is it already enabled?

  26. Greetings and much thanks for all of your hard work making this great kernel, i have been running it on my SM-N900W8 since i first discovered it back on XDA.

    Have tried to download many times on the phone using the stock browser, Firefox & Boat browser, a Mac using both Safari & Firefox, on a PC using Internet Explorer & Firefox, all fallowing your instructions, loading the site, then loading the post, and then clicking the download link from within the post, so far always getting a 404 error.

    Admittedly have not tried Chrome as i do not have it installed anywhere, hopefully it will work after posting this comment.

    • Mike B says:

      Apparently, @CeKMTL decided to (temporarily?) remove the download links in response to complaints from clueless members who blamed these wonderful kernels for all the ills of the world. We sincerely hope that he changes his mindsand accepts the fact that it’s impossible to force users to actually read instructions. Having been part of the “XDA Assist” team, I fully understand the frustrations but we can’t let morons dictate what we do! 😉

  27. mavituna says:

    Perfect kernel. Amazing secren time 6-7 hours. Very stable. Thank you CeKMTL. 🙂

  28. mohamed says:

    I flash this kernel on tazzy rom N5 port V3
    Please what is the best settings for the battery ??!

  29. So you seriously remove it just because a couple people text some stuff so we all go down for that that’s kind of childish man I did nothing to you that was them

  30. Rami Dalf says:

    Please, add download links. Whatever happen there is no blame on you. Thanks for development.

  31. kevp75 says:

    Sorry to see this man. It’s too bad, Shinto’s a pioneer! 😀

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thx Kev, I work better “in the shadows”.

      • Mike B says:

        Stay in the shadows if you want. We don’t need to see you as long as we can still find your “droppings”… 😉
        Seriously, don’t let the jerks derail you. I personally gave up on public developments eons ago (I’m ancient!), but there’s still plenty of fun to be had anonymously or at least away from all those noobs-infested big sites. Let them complain and whine, but don’t let them influence your work/fun!

        • CeKMTL says:

          Yep, as you said and this is a research project to change the way android works or at least that’s my aim…
          I wasn’t going to publicly release anything after L09A07 but then came the 5.1.1 rom and the “flickering video” so I thought why not release, so all those that were stressing and going mental would relax and enjoy…

          Anyways, my mistake… Won’t repeat that one again.
          Thank you for your kind words Mike!

        • CeKMTL says:

          Just saw what you did… You’re too generous Mike and for sure I won’t stop… Can’t stop a passion to change “the world” 😉
          Stay tuned for some suepeises that are coming here at precog.me
          You’ll sure get an invite for ShinTo Kernel and… More 😉

      • kevp75 says:

        Could ya shoot me a link mate? Not sure if you have my email or not…
        I agree Mike B 🙂

        • CeKMTL says:

          I think I have your email, will search for it… Which version you want?

          • kevp75 says:

            Hey man, thanks a ton. 5.1.1 tmo please?

          • kevp75 says:

            Calvin Kline? 😉
            Think I could get you to have a quick peek at something for me?

            I got my tweaks in (you know how I do that… 😉 )
            But, I seem to lose it after either init… or late init fires.

            For some reason the services trick would not work for me, so I did the chmod/exec hack to get them to run…
            Is it /dev/dkmsg? I just can’t see where it’s bombin out….

          • CeKMTL says:

            To check what is going on, the first place to go is /proc/kmsg if you can through adb although you’ll need su for that so you’ll have to authorize “enable su during boot” & “trust system user” in supersu while you debug.

            We’ll have to set up a date for chat / collaboration and see what’s going on there

  32. Acag says:

    Eres una puta máquina. Lástima que no se dé el crédito necesario a quien realmente lo merece… desgraciadamente este es el pan se cada día de nuestro país, los buenos acaban hartos de ser infravalorados y culpados hasta de que el perro de mi vecino tenga cagalera.

    Mucho ánimo y que pasa de gilipolleces. Un saludo

  33. Sorry to hear of all the grief and bad mouthing you you are getting from un-greatfull & shallow minded people.

    Yours is hands down the best kernel that I have used on my Note 3 SM-N900W8.

    I will continue to use L09A07, but would truely appreciate access to L09A08, I am running a de-bloated & de-odexed stock LP 5.0

    I will try and find some way to make a donation, but I’m a Senor on a pension and I don’t have a credit card or PayPal.

    [email protected]

  34. lestervai says:

    hi mate, could you kindly email me the download link for 5.1.1? thanks!

  35. djalexz says:

    Hi @ all,

    i have the darklord note 5 rom.
    The Sview Window shows no clock and no notifications.
    I installed Shinto Kernel and the sview window now works well.
    But with shinto Kernel there`s an other problem.
    I can`t play Videos with Plex App or with MX Player a video from my Network.
    With the BuildIn Kernel of this ROM it`s working.

    What can i do?
    Thank you

    Sorry for this terrible english

    i finded out that the problem is the network connection.
    with offline synced content in plex it plays normal.
    and a file copy from my server to the device plays normal with the mx player.

    please please help me…

    • djalexz says:

      I find out that this problem is wifi related. with mobile network (HSDPA) the Videos plays very well.
      Can you check the WiFi driver or anything else?
      its defently the kernel. with an other kernel the problem don`t exists.

      Thank you very much

  36. Silitek says:

    After 6years i finaly get my first warning on XDA :):)..because i calling a user stupid,:)..men, the horror
    Its hard to understand that your work like flickering solved by u..example.
    Anyway I continue to defend you, buddy..

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey Silitek don’t worry about it and don’t get into trouble for that!
      This is how the Internet works, and I’ve learned my lesson well… It won’t happen again; I’ll keep my stuff private and share with the few worthy.

  37. Silitek says:

    You right, it is not worth it..

  38. djalexz says:

    Can i help you? Logs etc?
    if yes, whitch logs?

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thank you for offering to help!
      Was able to reproduce the issue with “ES File Explorer” although not with File Explorer”.
      Will be looking into it myself whenever I can spread the time.

  39. Ichiyo says:

    Just to thank you for your great job. Most of human being are rude and always know how to criticize instead of recognize. But you should just think of people who appreciate your work and there are many 😉

    When you says you don’t make the same mistake, i hope it’s not a problem with Darkera but with the other people ? BTW Darkera give credits to you 🙂

    (sorry english is not my first langage )

  40. kevp75 says:

    Simply amazing mate. You’ve seen my tweaks before. I ended up making them 100% services, and moved a few things around. Set precog, 2.5Gmax on, 300M min on/off, 576M max off. Got init.d firing off in init, and no ShadowLED control 😀 (I want it to blink where you showed me, and it does 😀 )

    Only thing I question myself on my config is the init.d and any user script that fires before post fs data (I think you know what I did… fire off .sh scripts at certain times during the kernel boot process, both in kernel and in /data). Too much power in the potential wrong hands… LOL

    Do you know if /tmp or / is available in `on init`? I see /mnt getting created, but… I know it’s real close to the linux boot process, just kinda doubting myself cuz it’s friday, and my brain’s been fried since wednesday 😉

    • kevp75 says:

      Also… i don’t use synapse for any of this 😉

      • CeKMTL says:

        Yeah heheheheh… I’m gonna do my “own” app and ditch Synapse with all those weird scripts… Tired of jumping through hoops to be able to debug “in real time”

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hehehe cool setup Kev!
      Well you do know that you can fire up services when fs is mounted and ready or you could insert your stuff in between the initial boot or you could even fire up the mount part yourself whenever you want…. Once you understand the logic where Kernel bootup launches init (pid 1) then init just launches the init.rc (talking from memory right now) and then that script launched everything else…

      Will make some time to have an online “appointment” so we can discuss whatever you would like to do 😉

      BTW thx for such ossom generosity Kev!
      That was wah too much!!

      • kevp75 says:

        Yeah, had a good look through those synapse files in there… all I can say holy nightmare batman!

        Gettin there with the process mate… I wish I could get something to compile… there’s a guy up in the lean kernel thread that made up a nice shell script to do everything, and for his fork it works great, but I wanna start from scratch… at least if I can compile even samsung’s source and make it bootable, then I can dig in and add/remove what I want/need (have done it to one before, plus there’s some decent tutorials out there)

        Ideally, I want set everything in kernel and force it to be un-touchable… too many id10t’s out there 😀

        And dude… u deserve more 😀 (all developers do LOLOLOL 😉 )

  41. Misde Meanor says:

    Great kernel for 5.1.1. Only small issue is when i unlock the lockscreen the screen stays most of the time dimmed.

    Is there a fix for this?

    • CeKMTL says:

      From extensive testing by beta testers and myself, it seemed to indicate it was a rom issue.
      I myself wasn’t able to reproduce it with 5.1.1 rom from Danivancouver (Spanish mod rom + special extras based on darkera’s work).
      Nevertheless I’ll look into it once more.

  42. Denny02ng says:

    Thanks for your amazing work in note 3 project. i appreciate the work you do. I’ve been on Shinto kernel for long (predates the issue with xda) and i’,m glad that you are still the “go to” when it comes to finding solution to our note 3. However i have only one issue that i’ve tried to solve but couldnt. I’m on Tazzy-Aurora-Note3-Full-5.1.1-N5 Port.Stable V3,lightening fast with your latest kernel. I’m not able to used this (Boss Revolution) app form play store. if i try to connect to it will spin and tell me to retry. i tried it with darkera kernel it works but i will love for it to work with shinto. Please if its not too much, can you try this app and see if you can guide me as to how to make it work. I use it to make international calls.
    Thanks for you anticipated help.

  43. TyH says:

    Thanks for great kernel .
    But I found a problem , I cant stream video over SAMBA server with es file explorer + mxplayer. It works on stock kernel but stock sucks..

  44. Harvey Dent says:

    Excellent work with the Shinto Kernel CeKMTL. My only question is, What settings would be best in regards to performance & great battery life for the note 3 on a Note 5 ported rom? Or does it vary upon each rom installed? Was hoping there was a general cpu & gpu set up that normally always gets the best battery life & performance across the board.

    • Mike B says:

      Yes, it varies slightly from ROM to ROM but the common 5.1.1 N5 ports currently available are all closely related. Your best bet is to simply enable the ShinTo kernel’s “precognition” governor and let it run with all the defaults, at least until you have a chance to see how it performs for you. If your hardware can handle it (not all N3s are created equal) and you need more “power”, boost the max screen ON CPU speed to 2.8 but in general the less you tweak the better off you are.. 😉

  45. Marcolino says:

    Hi and thanks for your work.
    I installed your kernel few days ago, but I experiencing an issue with google play music.
    After few seconds playing, music stop and app sill like when is in caching, even if song is downloaded to SD.
    I reverted to stock kernel on my Note3 and AryaMod 7.3 and Music back to work.

    Can you help me?


  46. João Santos says:

    Hola Carlos mi hermano 😀

    Starting from OJ1 Samsung changed something regarding their firmwares and your kernel stopped working on it… when samsung releases their sources for OJ1 could you please update your kernel with that base?

    For example: Audax 31.0 doesn’t boot with your kernel (5.0.1)


    • CeKMTL says:

      Didn’t know that… Thx for reporting it!
      Muito obrigado!

      • João Santos says:

        And still no sources are available… Samsung really is a total train reck :\

        I’ll keep you updated when they come out 🙂

        Abrazo amigo 😀

      • João Santos says:

        Carlos what changed apparently in Note 3 was that the ramdisk, i think, was updated!

        I’ve talked to arter97 (a girl developer from XDA):


        In her new kernel she updated this:


        Ramdisk updated for newly released Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Note 3 firmwares

        Only install this when previous releases doesn’t boot!

        Installing this would bootloop on older firmwares!

        Use this for Galaxy S5 V16+ firmwares!

        9.0 doesn’t boot the new firmwares like your kernel but 9.0-newfirm does boot and its very stable!

        Please update your kernel with the new ramdisks, i trully miss the LED colours and the sound mod for full stereo 😀

  47. Good day, CeKMTL.

    So I installed the Latest Kernel and have encountered more problems than the previous one. Is it posts to downgrade the Kernel? Is it the same as just Flashing it over? Sorry, I cannot provide logs since I forgot to turn it on. Whoops X’D


  48. Rex says:

    I have problems with s-pen (stops working after day or two, detects eject, but no input), and SideSync (unable to enable colour adjustment while using SideSync). Are those rom related? Thanks!

  49. CeKMTL says:

    To all those that reported issues here, I am currently working on fixing them all and I hope to have a “bugfix” version soon here.

  50. CeKMTL says:

    ok, will look into it next time.

  51. djalexz says:

    can i help you with testing?
    You can send me your kernel test and i try it with my phone.

  52. Great job. I’m looking forward for new releases and fixes which they include. Devs like you prove that Note 3 is an outstanding device and is still capable to deliver great experience and functionality. Keep up your great work. It’s preciated by many of us. I don’t think a humble thank you is enough for your hard work.

  53. Jm says:

    I was reading changelog…..how did u get surrond sound working

    • Mike B says:

      You can emulate “surround sound” (and volume boost) by tweaking the /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml values but it’s a lot easier when the kernel takes care of it, yet another reason why the ShinTo kernels are so nice… 😉

  54. max says:

    hi, first thanks for this great kernel !! very happy with it !! In my N9005 the USSD code doesn’t work. Every USSD code say “Connection problem or invalid code”. I read some post ago, but I don’t read for a solution. Can you help me ?

  55. João Santos says:

    Carlos don’t know why my latest comment doesn’t appear but the new firmwares on S4, Note 4 and Note 3 don’t boot up because mainly in Note 3 and S4 i’m sure the ramdisk was updated! Please update yours too 😀

    Abrazo amigo y perdona si el post es repetido 🙂

  56. kevp75 says:

    I gotta start paying more attention to Twitter 😉
    Just poppin in checkin up on ya. 🙂 How’s things mate?

  57. Saurav Ghosh says:

    I love the kernel, the precognition governor makes the phone run absolutely smooth. I just wished this kernel has the Screen Calibration feature and the Vibration control, those are which I miss from another popular kernel for Note 3, if they were there there would not be any point of looking for other kernels really 🙂

    • CeKMTL says:

      Thank you for your kind words; I’m afraid for the time being I don’t plan to include requested features but who knows what the future will bring 😉

      • Saurav Ghosh says:

        Ha ha no problem mate. I would have really like the Screen Calibration thing, but its okay, I am sure you have better things to do with this already great kernel.

        My phone is running like butter on Precognition governor. If you have any other tip to make it even more smoother I would not mind. I only changed the governor to Precog, haven’t touched anything else.

  58. kevp75 says:

    Hey mate, I have a quick question for ya, and I apologize if I’ve already asked ya LOL… happens when ya get old 😉

    Is /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/precognition/target_loads available for precognition?

    • CeKMTL says:

      No, precognition is built from the grounds up and resembles nothing available.
      Also in of the points of PrecoGOV is to not need any kind of tweaking from the user… Kinda like plug and play.
      Still in the research phase and slowly getting there lol…have learned a lot but there’s a lot more to learn 😉

      • kevp75 says:

        Excellent 🙂
        One less thing to set 😉 LOL
        You know me mate, the more defaults I can set the merrier 😉

      • Mike B says:

        Even better than plug and play. It’s more like *magic*. Turn on PreCog and everything falls into place (well, except for USSD for 5.1.* but I’m sure that’ll get fixed). It beats spending hours trying to “tune” the other kernels.

        • CeKMTL says:

          Well 🙂 still not where I want PrecoGOV to be although the “engineering” version of PrecoGOV is way more advanced than the “public” one but that’s the version I use to develop & learn and I don’t share with anyone.
          Still have a ton to learn… Now getting ba**s deep into how hardware works internally…

          Anyways I am again rambling… Should find some spare time to push the update this weekend.

          • Mike B says:

            You’re dealing with the best and most challenging part of coding: trying to tame hardware. Much more rewarding than boring UI tweaks. Learning is what makes life worth living. The older I get (and I’m decades older than you are!) the more there is for me to learn. OK, enough chatting, get back to work! 😉

          • CeKMTL says:

            Hahahahahha LOL!
            Yes you are right Mike!
            For now I’ll be dropping a version of ShinTo Kernel that for sure will upset a lot of ppl lol…
            After that I’ll focus 100% on the R&D part of PrecoGOV and other things related.

          • kevp75 says:

            HA Mike! 🙂 😀
            All true mate all true 🙂 (except the age 😉 )

  59. Ahmed says:

    How to enable pregov bro….the kernel did fix the video blinking on n9005. Darklord 5.1.1 thanks bro

  60. BoldFace says:

    I got my flashlight ready!

  61. Dulip says:

    awesome kernel sir. i got 5.30 hours of screen on time first time in my mobile.

    its really awesome

    Also mobile runs very smoothly too.

    looking forward for tap to wakeup (for saving hard keys on beloved n9005 (converted N5)

    keep it up all the best

  62. Mavi Tuna says:


    Do you have a new version of the kernel work to Shinto ?

  63. Moonvain says:

    Good day sir, can you make one for Korean Variants? mainly N900S, and N900K? 🙂 I use this for my previous N9005, and it is awesome

  64. mrm0ns73r says:

    Hola, Carlos, gracias por poner a disposición de la comunidad tu gran kernel, gracias también por tu tiempo y dedicación a este proyecto , hay poca gente como tu que hace posible estos trabajos tan impecables, sin esperar nada a cambio. Gracias de verdad.

    Venia para ponerme en contacto contigo, para aprender , soy nuevo en esto de crear kernels, y tengo dudas, leo muchos foros , en ingles, y otros idiomas , y se que estoy a punto de lograrlo pero tengo fallos que no se que son, por eso te pido consejo si podemos hablar en telegram o por correo. Gracias de antemano.

    Oscar G.

  65. Dulip says:

    Why devs cant add touch to wake up on note3.?

    Agni does it on note 2 without any problem (battery or any other)

    Is it a hardware fault.?

    Plz anybody explain

  66. veso says:

    Thanks friend for all your job about that kernel.I have only one question,is there any settings with synapse and your kernel?I asking because my note 3(n9005)when i have to surfing,not too fast loading pages.

  67. Robel Fantahun says:

    Do you have to switch to F2FS. Just wanting to know

  68. John says:

    HI, just wanted to tank you for the amazing kernel. Will there be any other releases? Also was wondering if you have had the time to solve the T-Mobile WiFi calling issue related to the kernel. Thank you so much, amazing work!!

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hi John, welcome and thank you for your kind words.
      Yes there will be new releases just no time frame or eta.
      As for the WiFi calling I’m sorry to say I haven’t looked into it for a long time but I’d like to solve it and put it to rest… 😉

  69. John says:

    Thank you for the update! Do you know if the Tmobile video calling is kernel related as well, or is that software issue? Thanks again, amazing work!

    I’m awaiting your next release, the current version will not stick after reboot, no matter what I do. I’m sure you next release will be just as great.

    • Mike B says:

      Your “will not stick’ comment suggests that either you’re not flashing the kernel properly or that you have something (locked bootloader?) that overwrites it on reboot. You may want to try flashing other kernels (with Flashify or TWRP) to see if they also fail to “stick”. The current public ShinTo release is the “Nessa” one.

        • John says:

          Hey Mike, thanks for the suggestion….but that is not my issue. I’ve tried other kernels and they work fine. I think I was not clearly in explaining my issue…CeKMTL was correct, I should have stated in Synapse. So on reboot, I have to go back into Synapse and select precog or the device will be leggy. Sorry for any confusion, my bad.

          • CeKMTL says:

            Hummmm… OK, do you wait about one minute before launching Synapse?
            Also male sure there are no other apps changing settings or scripts or something like that.

          • Mike B says:

            Much clearer, thanks. I assume you have enabled the “Apply on boot” Synapse setting. An often overlooked detail is that if you use “Smart Manager” or some similar tool, you must also make sure that Synapse is enabled for “AUTO RUN” so that it is properly invoked on boot. You should see a toast telling you that the Synapse boot either completed or was cancelled. Ignore this last suggestion if your other kernels also use Synapse, of course… 😉

          • CeKMTL says:

            Good catch and better explained than I could … Am in coding mode so my communication skills are somehow limited lol

    • CeKMTL says:

      Hey John, you’re most welcome!
      I’m confused… Maybe you meant that Synapse settings don’t stick after reboot?
      The thing about the video calling I have no clue actually as I have never done it with my N9005 so… Maybe it’s rom or Kernel or both.
      Maybe there’s something special Kernel wise or maybe it’s some change in the ramdisk…

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