[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “SecondReality” V40A05

Welcome to the current official release of the ShinTo Kernel series.


Please always get the latest release from HERE

Why name the Kernel “ShinTo”?

To me it has the meaning of “Study of the Essence” (to achieve) “The Way of The Gods” as, to me, ShinTo Kernel is a way to learn and become an expert.
Also the name just sounds very “catchy” 🙂

Why “SecondReality”?

I chose it as a tribute to the legendary demo titled “Second Reality” of the epic Future Crew.
They pushed & shattered the limits of what was possible on a PC some 22 years ago…
That is my aim and driving force; to push the limits of what is conceivable, and then SHATTER them!

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43 Responses

  1. flak0 says:

    Flashing now. Thanks bro

    • iamskynet says:

      You welcome!
      Just take into account it’s only bug fixes & stability.
      As there are many ppl still interested in KK, I will release a newer version with PrecoGOV 2.0 that is radically different from what is available now so… stay tuned 😉

  2. Silvester says:

    Tank you for the update,
    All is working great!

  3. flak0 says:

    Can’t wait for Precog 2.0

  4. kevp75 says:

    Nice bud. I’ll have to flash back to KitKat for awhile to check it out 😀

  5. jfreeze says:

    Thank you so much for making this stable on the n900t. I’ve tried for months using all versions since 30 reading every post here and back on xda before the breakup. Tried fresh flashes, reflashes, wipes, multiple settings, multiple kernel apps, and disabling every obstacle that got in the way of precog governor….ie fsync, mpdecision, and touchboost. 31a001 ran the longest but all 4 cores stayed active. The others within the day would sod or lock up. But finally the best kernel out there for note 3 running buttery on n900t. Please keep up the great work dear sir!

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you for reporting and sorry for the past issues.
      I feel relieved that it is finally working for you now.
      LP base will be a lot cleaner than KK as I will start from scratch.

  6. jopes says:

    Can you build one for lollipop?

    Some sources can be found on civato’s kernel:


    The kernel is stable for N9005 😀

  7. jopes4 says:

    Can you please build a kernel for lollipop aswell?

    Some sources can be found here from civato @ XDA:


    I’m using it’s kernel with his rom and it is pretty stable

  8. zhobotero69 says:

    Man thanks for this.. Flashing this after a full charge, very happy that you keep supporting kitkat..

  9. 100401321 says:

    Radical beast for PreCogGov 2.0. I like radical!

  10. j3n5t says:

    This update is perfect. Not one sod and my battery life has improved. I thought it couldn’t get any better , but…. It did. Keep up the great work. You are an amazing Dev.

    • iamskynet says:

      Glad to hear that this version of ShinTo Kernel is working well for you.
      Some ppl seem to still have some issues, so hopefully with some logs I can get to the bottom of it and fix it.

      • 100401321 says:

        Saw an update for Synapse on the PlayStore. Is it advisable to upgrade?

        • iamskynet says:

          I don’t know but in worst case scenario, you can always delete the new version and reflash ShinTo Kernel to get back the included Synapse.
          Hope I make sense cos I’ve been coding for too many hours lol.

  11. derride8 says:

    I’m rocking Tweaked v3.95 rom with your latest creation, and I haven’t had not 1 SOD so far. Thank you for the great fixes. Can’t wait to see what you got in stored next.

  12. zhobotero69 says:

    Man thanks, no issue so far and very smooth and stable, no reboots even i undervolt to -20.. Perfect release man… Thank you so much.

  13. Vitor Zenatti says:

    Man, you’re awesome! I feel your enthusiasm talking about your amazing creation. ShinTo Kernel was found when I was searching for new kernel available for my phone outside of XDA Devs forum and this fucking freaky thing sit on my phone since then! So unique. Very good and I’m very happy to hear that you are cooking more for all of us on KitKat systems. Thanks alot, congratulations. – Vitor (from Brazil)

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you for such kind words, hope I will keep delivering better “crazy inventions” as my coding knowledge increases.

  14. Dragoninja says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Is Synapse ok on this or should we still use something like faux?

    • iamskynet says:

      As specified in the post, you don’t need to use anything else than included Synapse.

      • Dragoninja says:


      • Dragoninja says:

        I just got my first SOD 🙁
        It was fine for 12 hours.
        I’ll leave it for now until next time it happens I’ll send you my logs.

        • iamskynet says:

          Sorry to hear that.

          I’ve just looked into the part of the code that handles the power button + waking up the phone’s different components and, somehow, in my infinite wisdom, I had commented out (ie disabled) the “defibrillator” failsafe mechanism that kicks in to avoid this kind of situation (SOD)…doh! 🙁

      • Dragoninja says:

        Can I manually enable the “defibrillator” myself? or should I just wait for your next release?

      • Dragoninja says:

        ok cool. I’ve just switched to lean for now.. only because its driving me insane.

  15. uff says:

    After watching tonight’s s6 revealing I was like: fuck the note 3 I must get this. Then I’ve installed your latest version of Shinto I was like: fuck the s6!!!
    Thanks again for this wonderful kernel.

  16. Flo Nice says:

    Is there going to be a Note 4 version? ME NEEEEEEEEED. Amen.

    • iamskynet says:

      Don’t have a Note4 so for the time being I’m affraid not…
      But there are great kernels out there for the Note4!

      • Flo Nice says:

        Ok thx for letting me know. Do you have a personal recommendation for a good, battery life focused kernel?

        • iamskynet says:

          As I don’t own a Note4, I’m afraid I can’t be of help, but I imagine the usual ones like LeanKernel and Civato’s should be available for the N4. Check some forums and see what ppl are saying, then test to see if it suits your needs.

  17. Alexander says:

    could you pls add the precog governor to the tyr or boeffla kernel for the oneplus one? I love the governor and i have experieced many advantages over normal governors. I’d add the governor myself if there was the source code I need available.. unfortunately it is not…. thanks in advance for any help!
    Awesome kernel btw…..
    it fixed overheating issue on my note 3 and i recommended it to several other Note 3 owners:) They are also very satisfied.

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