Last night, NASA saw the year’s biggest solar flare Scary for sure…this kind of events and some series, make you think what would happen if we’d loose electricity, energy, technology…

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  1. David says:

    We are so dependant on electricity that we do not see life after it. Electricity is both, a blessing and a curse.

    Amazing images!!!

  2. iamskynet says:

    Yeah… I try to imagine life without electricity and… well … not that easy, BUT… we have alternatives that are getting more and more mainstream (solar, wind, etc…) …
    Ironic that the “Big guy in the sky” that gives us life, can also wipe us in an instant… kind makes you think… hummm….

  3. David skybiker says:

    2% of the Sahara desert surface covered in solar panels could provide the world’s electricity demand!!! Yes that is awesome!

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