ShinTo Kernel codename ShuriKen in QA testing

The new version of ShinTo Kernel is already in QA beta testing phase and we are hard at work detecting bugs and squashing them.

ShinTo Kernel ShuriKen includes a massive update in it’s codebase, so massive that it warrants a “Codename” 🙂

A sincere thank you to all the beta testers!!!!


PS1: New goodies coming! I’m working on some nice stuff that should help even more with battery life and smoothness. After 48 hours of hacking/compiling/flashing/rebooting, I’m currently in the testing & stabilisation phase. If all goes well and I deem it stable enough to grade it as a beta, I’ll send it to my hard working beta testers for 2 distinct platforms.

You can receive up to the minute update if you check or subscribe my twitter @cekmtl.

PS2: a new test version with more stuff has been release to beta testers and is currently in the testing phase.

PS3: Two distinct beta testers have found 2 corner cases where the phone becomes unstable. I have been working for the past 3 days tirelessly to find & fix the culprits.
I always do my best to release the fastest and most stable kernel I can produce; the same kernel I would rely upon to go about my daily chores with my only phone, the Note 3.

To give more time to beta testing and QA, I will delay the release of ShuriKen as it encompasses too many changes at once.

In the mean time I am working day & night on releasing asap a stabler and more refined version of 028a005 that so many of you praise & like so much.

ShinTo Kernel “ShuriKen” is coming for sure; maybe I will be able to release it for my BD if beta testing gives the AOK! 😀 

PS4: ShinTo Kernel codename “ShuriKen” is back on track 😀 !!!

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3 Responses

  1. Ezaechiel says:

    Hi, I really want to try shintô kernel, could you tell me if shuriken will be out soon?

    Thanks for all your hard work :-D.

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