I Dare YOU my beloved computer to KNOW ME

Would it be nice, in these “modern days” where we are surrounded and bombarded by “technology”, that our “tech” would have a means to KNOW us, in the broad sense of the word, as in not having to do “manual stuff” to let “them” know that we are here and that they have to make our lives easier…

I will give you a very simple example of daily suffering :: LOGIN HELL !!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if, when I get to my desk, at work, the system would magically KNOW that it is me that is there, and in a very transparent way, would grant ME access (control mechanisms in place of course!) to all the websites, programs and miriad of places where, WE, as HUMANS, are spending more an more time, in the “CLOUD”.

The same would be applicable when I come back home, or use the other computers/tablets/whatever, that I have laying around…one fit all (a Ring to bind them all! :p)

NO, my idea is not to have that sensible info in the hands of third party, but to have them ALWAYS with you, as we do with our ID’s, credit cards, and other stuff that cohabit in our wallets…

I already have a first draft idea of how to make all this happen, in an elegant & cheap way, while maintaining simplicity.

I have a very compelling dream, that very soon, technology will BLEND in our modern hectic lifes, and will be assisting us, in the background, without US having to take care of THEM or even NOTICING while it is happening.
I passionately want to make that dream a REALITY & make it ASAP!

Now I ask YOU ALL… would you be interested in something like this? … Request, give your opinion, think, dream, and let me know what you want! πŸ™‚

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  1. iamskynet says:

    Well, very nice concept JP although it is a very old one, in the sense that they do the authentication part, online, for you, on their servers.
    My idea is actually the opposite, where you don’t need to have support from the web, and you always have all your identity with you… I hope I will be able to develop the PoC soon and show it πŸ™‚
    Thx again JP!!!!

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