I am Skynet… the beginning!

Well, this is the first post to inaugurate the launch of my “crazy ideas & mad ramblings” site.

The time has come to share some of my “crazy inventor” ideas with the world, to contribute back to humanity, to advance it, and most importantly, to learn back like in a retro-feedback system.

I think that… well actually I KNOW that we are in some of the most exciting times, and at the verge of some shocking advancements in AI, ML, Robotics… truly exciting times!!!

There’s so much to do, to contribute, to give back, from inside my billions of neurons that are constantly dreaming new ways of doing things, inventing crazy “stuff” that turn up to be very useful while breaking the mold (my “flip the problem” coined term).

I am here, I breathe with my human body, but it is my eternal soul that is inspiring me every day to tackle all these puzzling challenges, and to come up with the most simple yet beautiful solutions…They say that the beauty resides in the simplicity.

I am most grateful to all the passionate souls that followed their calling and contributed to the advancement of our species; for you, all the heroes out there, past, present and future, this work is dedicated …(!)

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  1. Fenny says:

    Congrats on your first post. May the force be with you ;D

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