[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “NewBorn” L09A01 for LP


Without the hard work of everyone here (hope I don’t forget anyone!) ShinTo would not exist, so sincerest thank you to all of you that inspire countless people to follow your path!

– yank555 (many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– wootever
– faux123 (also many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– myfluxi (amazing github with loads of patches!)
– Andreilux (Synapse app.)
– Civato for all kernel, Synapse & installer work!
– FrozenCow (DriveDroid Patch + App).
– CodeAurora contributors (too many great ppl contributing patches & enhancements).
– Imoseyon.
– UpInTheAir.
– CI3Kener.
– Dorimanx.
– Showp1984.
– Neobuddy89.
– Megaflop666. (Amazing help & Beta Tester; he is everywhere! …superpowers?)
– carva74K. (Great beta tester from htcmania, GRACIAS!)
– Angelo. (Ossom enthusiam and help, THX!)
– Yoann. (Great beta tester & a pioneer!)
– All the great guys from “ShinTo Kernel” CLOSED THREAD at xda
– All the great guys from “ShinTo Kernel” thread at HTCMANIA 🙂
– Other great people all around the world that contribute Linux Kernel Patches!

Everyone else I might have forgotten, please let me know and I’ll update the post! 😉


Although I have been running this version of the kernel as my daily driver and I test everything in real life, I take no responsibility if the phone has an issue, scares your cat, drops the job interview call of your life or makes you fight with your neighbor 😉



Please don’t direct link the zip file.

If you would like to include ShinTo Kernel in your rom, you’re more than welcome; just give everyone credit and include PreCog.me as the site for ShinTo Kernel.

I really hope you enjoy ShinTo Kernel (as I have been), and I would advise you to subscribe to PreCog.me for more goodies to come (specialized software, articles, diy, news, etc)

Developing original code, debugging, maintaining ShinTo Kernel and PreCog.me takes a huge amount of my time and resources.
I decided to put google page ads to help with the costs of running PreCog.me, so if you see an AD that you are interested in, I would be extremely grateful for your support!!!!
If you don’t see any ads, I would also be very grateful if you would consider adding PreCog.me to your ad blocker whitelist.

  1. ShinTo Kernel NewBorn L09A01 LP for N9005 (EUR/EUROPE).
  2. ShinTo Kernel NewBorn L09A01 LP for N900T (TMO/T-Mobile USA).


  • Radical changes to PrecoGOV now at version 1.8.0 (More radical stuff coming in the next version of ShinTo Kernel, so stay tuned!)
  • Ported “Defibrillator” code from KK to LP; should help with black screen of death.
  • Fixed issue with PrecoGOV where if you defined a screen off limited frequency, when turning back on it would get stuck at that freq.
  • Improved stability for PrecoGOV.
  • Improved stability across the board.
  • Should start to be nicer on battery (not yet there but wait for the surprises that are coming!!!!).
  • Markedly increased the general feel of smoothness (still more to come!).
  • The rest I can’t recall right now lol…. forgot… should write them somewhere as I fix stuff…


  • Synapse: mic volumes reset to -84 the first time you launch synapse but I have included code to reset it to 0. You only have to accept and it will reset to 0.
  • Synapse: Fast charge; For values to stick across reboot, you HAVE to UNCHECK “FAILSAFE” at the bottom of the screen in “FAST CHARGE”.
  • ShadowLED: Works without issues once you deselect led notifications from the ROM settings.
  • VIPER4ANDROID: When you first start your phone, viper4android is off. To fix, you have to launch viper4android so it restarts it’s engine. That issue happens if you have eXpanD activated.


  • Absolutely NO kind of support will be given here if you happen to have any issue while you are Overclocked or Undervolted.
  • If you encounter an issue then you will have to reset to stock manufacturer sanctioned settings (300 Mhz to 2.230 Mhz & stock voltages), remove ANY/ALL scripts in /etc/init.d/and reproduce the issue with all debugging turned on (Go to Synapse “SYSTEM DEBUG”).
  • Once you reproduce the issue with stock settings, ZIP the two “ShinTo” log files in the root of your sdcard (/sdcard/) and send us a link to download said .ZIP file with a detailed description of your issue, Note3 model, rom name & version along with what you were doing when the issue happened.




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6 Responses

  1. Silvester says:

    smoothness again..

    • CeKMTL says:

      You welcome! 🙂
      Still a lot more to come in the coming (weekly) releases.
      It’s still work in progress and BETA.

  2. vagenrider says:

    miss so much shinto kernel on my note 4….and most of all shadowled.. 🙁

    • CeKMTL says:

      Once I get all the new features and code done on the Note3 I’ll work on porting over to Note4 kernel (snapdragon)… shouldn’t be too hard I guess…

  3. kevp75 says:

    Excellent bud 🙂

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