Brain-like circuit performs human tasks

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have used a basic 100-synapse neural circuit to perform image classification to identify letters despite visual noise that complicated the task.

Memristor Circuit by UCSB.

Memristor Circuit by UCSB.

Sure there are already normal chips that can do the same task albeit with a lot more power requirements just to do what this pseudo-organic chip is doing.

Of course, this technology is still in it’s infancy but I reckon it is evolving very fast and I anticipate the day when we will have truly smart “gadgets” that are transparently integrated and helping us in our daily lives.

Just a small help with the daily little things to make our time more efficient so we can have more time to have fun and enjoy life.

Some day I hope I’ll be able to create a system that adapts to our way of being and helps us out, in the background, in every mundane task, so we can focus on the important things like LIVING!

Oh well… for now just a dream, a dream I am actively pursuing 😉

Let me know in the comments below what you would like this future tech to do for you in your everyday life.
Ok, don’t say “make it go to work for me” lol  😛 

Check the full article click HERE.

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