[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “ShuriKen” v30a001


Without the hard work of everyone here (hope I don’t forget anyone!) ShinTo would not exist, so sincerest thank you to all of you that inspire countless people to follow your path!

– yank555 (many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– wootever
– faux123 (also many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– myfluxi (amazing github with loads of patches!)
– Andreilux (Synapse app.)
– CIVATO for all kernel, Synapse & installer work!
– FrozenCow (DriveDroid Patch + App).
– CodeAurora contributors (too many great ppl contributing patches & enhancements).
– Imoseyon.
– UpInTheAir.
– Megaflop666. (Amazing help & Beta Tester; he is everywhere! …superpowers?)
– Yoann. (Great beta tester & a pioneer!)
– Other great people all around the world that contribute Linux Kernel Patches!

Everyone else I might have forgotten, please let me know and I’ll update the post! 😉


Although I have been running this version of the kernel for about two weeks now as my daily driver, and I test everything in real life, I take no responsibility if the phone has an issue, scares your cat, drops the job interview call of your life or makes you fight with your neighbor 😉




Please don’t direct link the zip file.

If you would like to include ShinTo Kernel in your rom, you’re more than welcome; just give everyone credit and include PreCog.me as the site for ShinTo Kernel.

I really hope you enjoy ShinTo Kernel (as I have been), and I would advise you to subscribe to PreCog.me for more goodies to come (specialized software, articles, diy, news, etc) 😉

  1. ShinTo Kernel ShuriKen v030a001 for N9005 (EUR/EUROPE).
  2. ShinTo Kernel ShuriKen v030a001 for N900T (TMO/T-Mobile USA).



  • Multiple fixes & code enhancements to make ShinTo Kernel as stable as possible.
  • Compiled with latest Linaro 4.9.2 2014 10.
  • Added latest available F2FS for Samsung source & optimised for speed & AIO.
  • ShinTo Kernel is now fully prepared to work with F2FS or EXT4: you can mix partitions to your liking and ShinTo Kernel will adapt and boot no matter what.
  • ShinTo Kernel is running the latest 3.4.104.
  • Running with some bleeding edge updates from upstream 3.10 3.15, etc.
  • Intelligent fix for the Proximity Sensor getting stuck. If you have this issue, you know how frustrating it can be. I’ve added code that will detect and fix it on the fly so you actually won’t even notice that you have it.
  • Improved response time of the magnetic sensor YAS532: now it should be even faster in reacting.
  • Greatly improved sleep times & performance.
  • Updated BT drivers to latest stable.
  • Introduced fine grained scalar frequencies so the governor can select the best frequency for the workload.
  • Introduced ultra low 268Mhz frequency for ultra low power consumption (those who know how to undervolt will appreciate it).
  • Improved fluidity across the board. It should be even better than v29a001.
  • Reduced battery drainage even further by optimising core transition states & retention modes.
  • Reworked battery manager to be more intelligent when in sleep mode.
  • Optimised freezer & suspend mode to give ShinTo Kernel a sleep rate of 95+ % without affecting any kind of functionality (that means everything turned ON).
  • Added resiliency mode where ShinTo Kernel will try to continue working even when it encounters some Oops.
  • Added option to Enable/Disable Android Logcat.
  • Added option to Enable/Disable Android Logcat when in suspend : Disable when suspended, Enable when screen on.
  • Improved Adreno GPU driver code and increased compiler optimisations.
  • Across the board compiler optimisations to whole code path should be yielding about 10% increase in code efficiency compared to v29a001.
  • Changed some low level ARM assembly code to how the cache lines in the cores is managed and the change is dramatic.
  • Changed memory read/write/copy routines to some very highly optimised ones in assembly (do you know our note3 RAM can do 4 Gbytes/s r/w?!)
  • Improved bus speed across the board for slimbus, memory & cpu.
  • Added option to fast resume processes that are waking up from deep sleep; instead of waking everything up, it just wakes up the bare minimum, does the job and goes back to sleep = more battery time & more suspend time.
  • Reworked & added a ton of features to Synapse, so you will be able to play all day long 😉
  • Added code that will improve UKSM while the system is sleeping by using deferred timers and also while the system is under load.
  • Added dynamic read ahead so it adjusts to your usage pattern.
  • Enabled option to toggle EMMC CRC SPI so you can increase the speed of the EMMC by up to 30%.
  • Added system wide power efficient queues for the scheduler so it is now aware and works with a better strategy to save even more power.
  • Updated Intel-Hotplug to v3.8 thx to Faux123 & Yank555.lu
  • Added Google Snappy compression.
  • Updated & optimised the Writeback caching algorithm.
  • Introduced PM (Power Manager) suspend state “FREEZE”.
  • Updated RWSEM from upstream Linux 3.10 with a bunch of optimisations.
  • Added a bunch of optimisations to code path to increase the performance of EXT4.
  • Optimised TCP/IP networking stack.
  • A long list of mm & oom code fixes and optimisations.
  • Big optimisation to SELinux code path to make it a LOT faster.
  • Added option to use Android device as USB KEYBOARD/MOUSE thx to Pelya & an ON/OFF switch thx to Dorimanx.
  • Updated some code paths to use vfp:hard (use the hardware floating point).
  • Updated alarm timer code to up to date & removed RTC deprecated alarm driver.
  • ARM ACPUCLK has now heavy used functions inlined so it improves performance noticeably.
  • Improved GPU wake up to only do so when there’s touch input (should help with battery).
  • A bunch of BCMDHD (wireless) updates, bug fixes and optimisations.
  • BCMDHD is more sleep friendly now.
  • Configured EMMC (both internal & external) with deferred wakeup (Faster wake up from suspend and nicer to battery).
  • A lot more stuff that I forgot :p



  • If MODEM crashes it crashes ShinTo Kernel with a sudden reboot.
    -> Code fix passed Q&A & confirmed working :: TBR in v30a002.
  • Some people are hitting an issue where the screen phone doesn’t turn on from deep sleep, but the phone is still responsive.
    -> Research stage of code fix.



  • Absolutely NO kind of support will be given here or at XDA if you happen to have any issue while you are Overclocked or Undervolted.
  • If you encounter an issue then you will have to reset to stock manufacturer sanctioned settings (300 Mhz to 2.230 Mhz & stock voltages) and reproduce the issue.
  • Once you reproduce the issue with stock settings, I advise you to download “Syslog” from playstore HERE and send us a complete logset with the description of your issue, the Note3 model, rom name & version.


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30 Responses

  1. kevp75 says:

    Nice job bud. 🙂

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you, hope it works as advertised 😀

      • kevp75 says:

        and then some dude.

        Whats yur paypal…. i get paid next friday and i seriously want to donate a couple 6 packs 😉

        • iamskynet says:

          🙂 no need to Kevp75 but if you feel mighty compelled to, then head to the main page of PreCog.me (from a PC, or view website in Desktop mode) and it should be on the top right side.
          But seriously, there’s no need to!

      • kevp75 says:

        Will do man.
        Quick one for you… in shadowled.sh i assume i cpuld simply comment out a line if i didnt need it… what about adding a line for white? say… something for missed messages or maybe even cpu usage?

      • kevp75 says:

        or a gps lock during nav? lol

        • iamskynet says:

          Yes you can comment out a line, hopefully I’ll have the time add functionality so you can configure all that in Synapse.
          Missed messages is up to the system/app like gmail, etc…
          Gps could be taken care by something like Tasker of for sure by Automagic (I actually use a lot Automagic), again user land stuff.

  2. Bryan says:

    Does this work if I am using cwm recovery?

    • iamskynet says:

      Yes it does.
      The only thing I don’t know is of you want to convert any of the partitions to F2FS, if cwm has the option to format in f2fs.

  3. Bryan Chiam says:

    Hi, My feedback with the v30

    Battery is good

    Suspected could be issue as below:
    Phone went dead once after i received one whatapp text. Battery during that time was around 14%. Didn’t change anything else in Synape except speaker volume. Will continue monitoring.

    Battery % dropped 2 digits instead of 1. meaning that, when my battery is at 80%, it will goes to 78 instead of 79% after some times of usage. Will continue to monitor.

    • iamskynet says:

      The 2% drop could happen in some corner cases where you resume from suspend, battery is already on edge of dropping and then you do something that taxes your battery. At next battery refresh it will drop the 2%.
      For the next version I will try to improve the battery monitor code to take care of this corner case.

  4. Troskyo says:

    I’ve installed your ShintoKernel.APK into my nexus 5 and now I have a serious issue with the house lights, the seem to tinker when I turn down the TV volume.. and Shadowled is not helping 😉

  5. kevp75 says:

    Yeah I use taker for alot :)… less now that ive got more control over cpu tho HA

    Thanks bud… im going to experiment a bit with the script and the zram script… i totally missed out on it needing swappiness 100… and have been setting it down to 10 LOL

    • iamskynet says:

      Setting it to 100 will give you more free ram for important tasks and put all those background ones that are seldom used out.
      That’s the purpose of zram in ShinTo Kernel.

  6. juzzn says:

    I’ve gotten my first random reboots and non-waking black screens on Tweaked 3.95 with this kernel after a few weeks of stability on the 29a. Nothing altered in synapse and shadowled has been deleted.

  7. Nik Kay says:

    Thanks for this awesome Shuriken.. Can u show me what’s synapse best setting? And should i activate DVFS Disabler or not?

  8. Ezaechiel says:

    Will test it right now :-D, thanks for your hard work. It’s a great kernel by far 😀

  9. Nathan Yu says:

    Hi, how do I go back to EXT4 from F2FS. Thank you.

  10. Ezaechiel says:

    Hi iamskynet, just to report I have this issue too this morning : “Some people are hitting an issue where the screen phone doesn’t turn on from deep sleep, but the phone is still responsive.” ==> I had to hard reboot the phone. It already happened with an older version of Civato’s kernel.
    I hope you find the solution for the new version 😉

  11. bassini says:

    Can you add intelimm grv by faux ? Its ver good for battery live and performance beter then interactivex and ondemand

    • iamskynet says:

      I am already evaluating it in a private build since about a week or two and depending on the results of my testing will add it or not.
      Thank you for suggesting it.

      • bassini says:

        I also try alucard and he is best in my opinion but i will try with alucard hotplug if you can pls try add this hot plug in your kernel

        • iamskynet says:

          HI, thank you for the suggestion, I am well aware of Alucard.
          ShinTo Kernel is not one of those kernels where the dev (me) will add stuff just for the sake of having everything in it.
          Don’t get me wrong, but for that you have a huge choice of very good kernels out there for the Note3.

      • bassini says:

        And a last very very usefuel option “coretxbrain” this the best kernel live meneger ( in ultimate kernel you can see ) ( in live time mod system cpu gpu etc )

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