Tesla D: Speedy AWD Model S with second motor and limited autopilot

Tesla Motors unveils the Tesla P85D and it looks like a leap forward yet again (wish i was there to check it by myself).

New Tesla P85D

The Specs:

  • AWD Dual-motor setup (1 front wheels + 1 rear wheels, eliminating the drive shaft)
  • 0 – 60 time of 3.2 seconds (zoom zoom!!!!)
  • 691HP (470 at the rear and 221 up front) (Woooooooooot!!!!)
  • Top speed of 155mph
  • Range increased by 10 miles (Well done!)
  • New driver assist features (lane keeping & self-adjusting cruise control)
  • 12 sensors that see around the car.
  • Auto Park / Park itself in your (private property) garage.
  • You can summon the car while on private property and it will slowly drive to where you are (Hellooo future!).

I consider myself lucky to be living in such times full of revolutionary advancements and my sincere thank you to people like Tesla’s Elon Musk and his group of engineers & designers for pushing the envelope and showing the way of what once was a sci-fi dream.

Yes it is an expensive car that not everyone can buy right now (me included), but my thinking is that someone has to lead the way, to show the rest that it IS possible to create such things.

Once more companies are on board, the competition will heat up and prices will start dropping.

At that point, the cars with all this cool & useful technology will become affordable, like what happened with the Toyota Prius.

I remember back in the day, when I saw someone with a Prius I thought he was a rich person, but since about 3 years ago, you see a lot of Prius, especially Taxis in Barcelona… 🙂

More info at the source 🙂


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