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A very good friend of mine just wrote me this beautiful vibrating poetry in motion, about dreams:

No such thing as too much dreaming…when we are children, we believe we can do ANYTHING
Until we start listening to the adults telling us that we can’t. We start to believe them, and so we don’t try for the things we truly want
We get pigeonholed into jobs that we don’t love, because we don’t think about what seems impossible. But all things truly ARE possible. If the desire is there, so is the path! It’s just difficult to always see it…
Inspiration is all around us, and only needs the tinniest spark to ignite that dormant passion, to express, evolve, expand, love, share and BE, all & nothing, at the same time, condensed in the smallest of particles, that is the base of all that is, WE the whole UNIVERSE! 🙂
Thank YOU!

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