Google unveils the Nexus 6 priced at 649$, pre-orders October 29th

It’s that time of the year again where Google unveils it’s Nexus lineup and this time, I somehow feel like there’s nothing new on the table…

The same Snapdragon 805 processor @ 2.7 Ghz, a non removable battery, 5.9″ Quad HD Amoled screen, 13Mpx Image Stabilised, no SD card…

Lately I feel like every new phone I see is a personal letdown. Don’t get me wrong, this phone is a flagship with top components but every other flagship phone has more or less the same components… for crying out loud!!!

Where are the guts to create something revolutionary and new that is totally different from the competition?

Somehow I expect from Google, as the father of Android, to create something radical, innovating, that takes us by surprise… no… takes us by STORM!!!!

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