[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel v028a004 for NOTE 3 N9005


Without the hard work of everyone here (hope I don’t forget anyone!) ShinTo would not exist, so sincerest thank you to all of you that inspire countless people to follow your path!

– yank555 (many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– wootever
– faux123 (also many cool enhancements & Great GitHub!!)
– myfluxi (amazing github with loads of patches!)
– Andreilux (Synapse app.)
– CIVATO for all kernel, Synapse & installer work!
– FrozenCow (DriveDroid Patch + App).
– CodeAurora contributors (too many great ppl contributing patches & enhancements).
– Imoseyon
– Other great people all around the world that contribute Linux Kernel Patches!

Everyone else I might have forgotten, please let me know and I’ll update the post! 😉



Although I have been running this version of the kernel for about two weeks now as my daily driver, and I test everything in real life, I take no responsibility if the phone has an issue, scares your cat, drops the job interview call of your life or makes you fight with your neighbor 😉



ShinTo Kernel 028 (ARM15) 004


Please don’t direct link the zip file.

If you would like to include ShinTo Kernel in your rom, you’re more than welcome; just give everyone credit and include PreCog.me as the site for ShinTo Kernel.

I really hope you enjoy ShinTo Kernel (as I have been), and I would advise you to subscribe to PreCog.me for more goodies to come (specialized software, articles, diy, news, etc) 😉



  • TouchWake implementation v1.5 (Yank555.lu).
  • N9005XXUFNG2 source merged (SAMSUNG UPDATE 9 NG2).
  • Cross compiled with latest Linaro (gcc-linaro-4.9.2-ARM15-201408).
  • Added extreme optimization compiler flags for Linaro.
  • Optimized idle time before sleep (better battery).
  • Optimized low power modes IDLE & SUSPEND of memory chips (ram) (better battery).



  • COSMETIC: In Settings > General > About Device, the kernel version shows as “unavailable”.


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4 Responses

  1. Yoann says:

    A perfect One, you can go on it 🙂
    Stable, fast and smooth like always 😀

  2. iamskynet says:

    I have come across a reboot triggered by Samsung’s TouchWiz internet web browser.
    With all other browsers everything works rock solid.
    It may well be one of those TW bugs left in (like the random SystemServer Crash that everyone is having even with stock).

    Please let me know if you come across this exact issue.
    Either way, I would advise to use Chrome as it is extremely fluid and has a lot of bells and whistles that the TW browser doesn’t.

  3. Yoann says:

    i agree, with last version, the samsung browser make a beautiful SOD. I already use chrome. I will delete samsung browser

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