[RELEASE] PolipoStatusBar NEO for MAC OSX

Polipo is a small and very efficient proxy cache for personal use. It is mainly intended to accelerate browsing by caching everything possible.
Please check the site for an in depth explanation of what Polipo is.

I, as you, searched the internet to find a “no frills” Polipo client for OSX and finally found (the sadly quite outdated) PolipoStatusBar from here.

The software was from 2008 and Polipo binary was very outdated, so I downloaded the sources, adapted them to the latest version of OSX (10.9), downloaded the latest Polipo sources from Github (1.1.1/08-2014 at the time of writing), compiled for speed & efficiency and released it here at PreCog.me

I have it running in my MBP 13″ OSX 10.9.4 without any forseable issues (after I corrected a couple of glitches).

You should have it up and running in less than 2 minutes as it is a simple app; unzip, drop it in your apps folder & double click.

One thing you will have to do is go to your network properties and add the HTTP proxy “” and port “8123” and that’s it! 🙂

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  1. Mas Tond says:

    How about the sources for your release? Isn’t it supposed to be GPL?

  2. KaleoPrecog says:

    Thanks for updating PSB. I used to use the old version on with previous OS without a problem. Had it configured to work with tor. However, on my new Mac/OS, I cannot recall what I did. Can you please post how to config Polipo w Tor, using PSB?


    • iamskynet says:

      Apologies for the late reply, I totally forgot about your post!

      Well, I don’t know how to make it work with TOR because I never did on mac, but I think the logic should be the same.
      You have a chain, a network chain that goes from the initial program that receives the request from the user, to the end program that actually does the fetching.

      For that, you would need to configure Polipo to seek a specific upstream server:port which, speaking from memory right now, the PSB GUI doesn’t allow but of course the binary does.

      Maybe in the future I will create a full featured app that would take what PSB currently does to the next level.

      What I would do is a quick hack: take out the polipo binary from PSB, put it somewhere, create a config file and manually launch it with that config file.

      PS: AH WAIT!!!! Scratch what I said… yes you can do it right out of the bat!

      You just have to go to PSB settings, to the parent proxy and specify the tor port and ip.. ip should be and port, the one your tor client tells you.

      Chain should look something like -> -> ->
      Good luck!

  3. Hi, where is the download link? I can’t find it. 🙂

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