Elon Musk is scared of killer robots

I have deep respect for Mr. Musk and all that he (and his band of engineers) have accomplished to date. He does seem a little bit worried though about advancements in AI and robotics so that makes me think that he knows a couple of things more than the rest of us…?

Don’t get me wrong, I for one am always pondering the dangers of researching all this amazing Sci-Fi like future technology but end up thinking that the real problem is not the technology but the humans using that technology for nefarious reasons. It is a moral dilemma… We could of course choose to not pursue these advancements so as to avoid any bad use, but then again… we would still be living in caves and spending our daylight time hunting to survive and our nights scared of fire & thunderstorms…?

Watch the video for the full interview and if you are just curious, you can fast forward to 1h8m marker.

It seems MIT has a copyright claim of this video, so it might disappear…

More info at the source.


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