[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “SecondReality” V40A06

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PrecoGOV : Once you enable PrecoGOV governor, the only thing you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride as it will become the sole captain of your starship, managing everything to give you the best user experience possible.
    You don’t need to turn off/on anything.
  • Can I run ShinTo Kernel without PrecoGOV? : Yes for now you can but the experience won’t be as good…why would you do that?
  • What does PrecoGOV do? : PrecoGOV manages your cores, their frequency, their temperature, their deep sleep, takes care of helping the GPU and even squeezing the best battery life possible all while giving you the best user experience.
    To know more please check this article -> Why Create PrecoGOV
  • What settings can I tweak? : There are NO settings to tweak with PrecoGOV; that’s the whole point! PrecoGOV is constantly self adapting to the way you use your phone, anticipating your moves and giving you the exact amount of power just when you’re about to need it.
  • What tweak program to use? : The included Synapse has everything you need and more to manage all the settings. Other tweak programs should work but keep in mind there are some specific ShinTo Kernel settings that they can’t manage.
  • Where’s that “PrecoGOV”? : My apologies, PrecoGOV is the “Precognition Governor”.
    In my day to day I tend to call it PrecoGOV as it is shorter and catchier 😉
  • After selecting PrecoGOV, do I have to enable Intelli-Hotplug? : NO. PrecoGOV takes care of everything including managing the hotplugging process.

[ Enhancements included in ShinTo Kernel ]

–== ShadowLED ==–

By linking the Note 3’s RGB LED to the different activities of the OS, we can know in real time what is going on, even when the screen is off, and the phone is seemingly “deep sleeping”.The brightness of the led light is proportional to the instant workload; the brighter the color, the higher the workload.

BLUE:    All things related to WIFI networking activity [Upload/Download].
GREEN: All things related to internal “SD” (MMC0) activity [Read/Write].
RED:     All things related to external “SD” (MMC1) activity [Read/Write].

You can disable ShadowLED if you go to ShinTo Features in Synapse app.

 –== UKSM ==– 

UKSM by KernelDedupe.org is a state of the art intelligent memory management system that achieves great ram saves by using two techniques:

(1) ZeroPages

When we launch an app, most of the time the app will allocate more (or a lot more) memory than it really needs. The extra memory is allocated exclusively, zeroed and sits idle till the app decides to use it.
That could happen sometime in the future or never…

ShinTo’s UKSM kernel service detects these kind of “ZeroPages” and intelligently remaps them to the ZeroPage manager and then frees those pages of ram.
Once the process really asks for these “ZeroPages”, the ZeroPage manager takes care of everything.
All this is transparent to the normal user’s workflow and it doesn’t affect performance or battery life.

As a matter of fact it might enhance battery life and performance as a lot more can fit in ram so there’s less wasted time and energy fetching data from SD (MMC0).
That should also help with multitasking fluidity.

My daily workflow can see up to 400Mb of ZeroPages, which means about 400Mb of ram saved and allocated to running processes that need them.

(2) SamePageMerge

There are some processes that create many copies of the same memory contents (same pages).
Some of these (same page) content’s never change so it is a waste of memory.
One clear example could be a web browser.

ShinTo’s SamePageMerge manager detects these identical pages and “merges” them, so they only occupy one page instead of many.
If a process needs to change the contents of one of these “identical” pages, the SamePageMerge manager detects that and takes care of everything.
All this is transparent and seamless, with no performance or battery penalty.

I routinely hit about 50.000 pages (around 200Mb saved) (50.000 * 4k) and have hit about 90.000 pages with heavy loads.

To disable UKSM you need to issue the following command with root :
echo 0 > /sys/kernel/mm/uksm/run

To know more about UKSM.

–== DriveDroid ==–

DriveDroidDriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal for trying Linux distributions or always having a rescue-system on the go… without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.

ShinTo Kernel includes the necessary patch and functionality to be able to switch from CD to USB mode, so you could create rescue USB keys directly on the mounted image in DriveDroid.
For people that are in the tech support and have to reinstall different operating systems or boot recovery cds, it is a godsend as they don’t need to have different usb keys, cd, dvd, etc…

It’s a great tool and I recommend everyone to check it!!!

To know more about DriveDroid | DriveDroid XDA Forum

  –== Fix / Performance Enhancement / NEW STUFF ==–

This new release of ShinTo Kernel includes the following :


It is compiled with latest available LINARO Toolchain GCC 4.9.3 compiled by the great Christopher83

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120 Responses

  1. flak0 says:

    Awesome getting ready to flash now

  2. dieselford says:

    Can’t wait brother! Definitely going to run this! Being that I had SOD issues, I couldn’t use V40A02. Thanks as always for the time and effort you putinto this masterpiece!

  3. Bogeyof says:

    I tested V40A05 and now V40A06 for round about 3 days now and didn’t have one SOD or Reboot until now. With former version V40A02, I had massive problems with SOD´s and some Reboots, but now it seems real good and stable for me. Many thanks and “thumbs up”!!!

  4. RvZaXXo says:

    I really want to use this kernel but i dont know if it work correctly with CM12 on my note 3 n9005.

  5. ravneillal says:

    I know this kernel is meant for touchwiz roms but i want to give it a try with CM12 on my note 3 n9005. Will it work without any major issues or am i going to screw things up?

  6. Danny says:

    Has anybody tried screen mittoring with this new version?

  7. 6h0st says:

    Kernel is working with no problems. Great job, love it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. 6h0st says:

    This Kernel version is working great. No reboots and burst shot started working again. Great job! And thanks for sharing.
    Can i activate msm thermal to control cpu temperature with precog governor, or is just pointless? My phone gets extremely hot. I think i can fry eggs on it when playing games. Or is there another way to control temp parameters (CPU-GPU throttling)?

    • iamskynet says:

      It gets hot because PrecoGov is managing the temperature per core in real time and is giving you a lot more power than if it was managed by msm thermal. I think the best for gaming would be to use another governor til PrecoGov 2.0 is released.

  9. 6h0st says:

    Lowering CPU frequency to 1.6 helps with the heat problem in heavy games.
    Still waiting for Precog v2…. 🙂

  10. amir says:


    I flash your kernel and use governor PrecoGov but because battery consumption is high?


  11. josue says:

    Hello and thanks for your work, i have a question, can install this in my n900w8?

  12. Tommy says:

    Would this work with the new 5.0 lollipop that was just released for the n900t?

  13. binnns says:

    I have rogers 900w8 and this kernel works amazing no problems to report

  14. Mta28nry says:

    Hey man, ive been on your kernel for the longest time, and I really appreciate what you do. Everything you have accomplished is exactly what I personally want in a kernel. I was wondering would this in anyway work with the note 4 and if not, do you think you’ll ever create one for it?

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you for such kind words! I usually don’t have a sense of how many ppl are running ShinTo Kernel, so it’s good to know 🙂
      As for the note4, I don’t have one but maybe in the future I could look into it and develop for it; that would mean incorporate all the specific and exclusive ShinTo Kernel parts.

  15. MMo says:

    I’m on Tweaked 3.95 Note3 T-Mobile. The new update seems stable. No SOD. I use the Interactive gov. because it’s very good on battery life. It’s been 24hrs w/regular use, minimal background processes running, no added kernel tweaks, and still have 96% charge. On PreCog gov it seems to drain the battery faster in 24hrs. with the same amount of use, and I would be at 75% charge. Not sure what’s causing it.

  16. Zhobotero says:

    have you seen this man? http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/led-music-effect-rooted-device-t3053295

    more like its your shadowled but for music tho

    • iamskynet says:

      Nice idea and thx for reporting.
      The led can be freely accessed and used in a variety of ways to do some cool stuff.
      I presume the developer is accessing the kernel led device and programming it to the beat of the tunes or something like that.

      • Zhobotero says:

        I see, so there so many pretty things that notification led can do. How about on touching the screen like tap, pinch in and out, swipe and multi touch.. LoL! just joking. haha. time to sleep man, already 2:20A here.

  17. jd says:

    Thank you sooooo much!!! It’s hard to find a KK kernel which is updated frequently nowadays. Keep going bro!!! Like for you!

  18. Darth_kadd says:

    So I guess it’s safe to assume shinto kernel won’t be seeing any lollipop support ?

    • iamskynet says:

      I wonder what makes you think that…?

      • Darth_kadd says:

        I haven’t seen you post any articles or any information at all regardinga a new lollipop kernel although official sources have been available for over a month now. I’m just inquiring about your progress on it

        • iamskynet says:

          Please read my previous comments here or check my twitter status. Basically I’ve been out of the game for about a month due to some urgent family issues I had to take care of.
          Since Wednesday I am back home and will shortly start working on ShinTo Kernel for LP (and KK) also.

          As a matter of fact, it has been a month since I last read any kind of news about the scene so I have to catch up on that too…

  19. Vitor says:

    Please @iamskynet, support us a bit more on the Kitkat version of this great kernel… I don’t really want to go ahead to Lollipop =/ of course I understand you could release for it anytime but what I ask for you is that you brings more news, more releases for Kitkat. Let me thank you for all your nice job you ever made till now.

  20. julk77 says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your kernel, it is working quite good !
    I have one question, I realized that I have to set the mic volumes each time I reboot my phone. Is there a way to have these set once and for all ?

    • iamskynet says:

      You welcome. It has to do with an issue with Synapse. For now I’m afraid you will have to set it up each time you reboot.

      • julk77 says:

        Thanks, no problem at all since I’m not rebooting my device so often.
        I have one extra question, I have read that you added back the cifs module in the v40a02, is this really the case ? I have tried to have cifsmanager working during one hour with no luck 🙁

  21. julk77 says:

    Actually, I’m using the latest release. I’m an Android/linux newbee, the command lsmod bring some error, how can I check if the cifs module is there? Should it be an external .ko or integrated into the kernel?

  22. Mocji says:

    Will you continue updating Shinto?

  23. scv13 says:

    I was using a different phone, and set up n9005. It was all good. I checked all except telephony. I installed the SIM card and started to use n9005 (V40A06) immediately got a lot of problems. 1-5 of SOD in a day and 0-2 reboot. I didn’t change anything in the kernel configuration. ROM X-Note 21.

  24. Pwnbuggy says:

    Where can I post my shinto log files for u to look at im getting random crashes and freezes lately and haveny changed a thing in my phone

    • CeKMTL says:

      That’s weird if before it wasn’t giving those issues and now it is; something must have changed.
      Soon there will be a forum at http://www.precog.me to have everything structured and tidy.

      • kevp75 says:

        Hey man, I have a quick one for ya. I have this on my wifes note, and she doesnt like the shadowled, but because she’s not tech savvy I dumped Synapse (so she couldnt screw anything up LOL)

        Is there a way I can turn off the shadowled, via a shell script I can throw in her init.d folder (I know it won’t execute until post boot)

        • CeKMTL says:

          Hey Kev, hope you’re doing well! 😀
          It’s quite simple actually; you just have to issue the following command from note3 terminal with root :
          rm /persist/SHADOWLED
          Let me know how it goes 😉

    • julk77 says:

      Hi there !

      Since a bit more than 2 weeks I’m having stability issues too.
      To me an update of a software that we have in common is the culprit.
      I had some doubts about Greenify, Amplify, Gravitybox and such Xposed modules that have been updated recently, but I could not find the one unfortunately.
      I have some logs to share if you have some spare time. 🙂

      • CeKMTL says:

        Sure, maybe you could upload them to Dropbox or somewhere and I’ll have a look to see what is going on…
        Thx for reporting back and helping out!

  25. julk77 says:

    ¡ Hola !
    I think that I found the reason of the instability, I removed the latest version of 3C ToolBox, and since then I have not had any sod or reboot.
    Thanks !

    • CeKMTL says:

      Cool, great to hear & thx for troubleshooting!
      Let me know if there’s something else 🙂

      • julk77 says:

        Despite the reboots have disappeared, I’m still having some occasionnal sod’s 🙁
        I will continue to report here my discoveries.
        Thanks !

  26. julk77 says:

    here are some logs with a sod around the end (I think 🙂 ), http://goo.gl/j33lld

  27. julk77 says:

    Last correction, I give up with goo.gl, here is the direct link

    • CeKMTL says:

      Ok, downloaded now, merci! 😉

      PS1: Just as a reminder, do you have POWERGUARD active? … I say this because it seems you pressed a lot of times the HOME button…If POWERGUARD is active (check in Synapse) then you will need to press Power button twice in less than one second.

      The problem you had was a scheduler lockup, because of hotplugging logic “(do_hotplug+0x7c/0x1b8)”. => it has to do with thread concurrency via kernel scheduler (scheduler is in charge of scheduling/managing all threads)
      Newer version of PrecoGov should be a lot more resilient to this kind of concurrency problem.

      <7>[ 5556.179691] [] (__schedule) from [] (schedule_timeout+0x294/0x32c)
      <7>[ 5556.179706] [
      ] (schedule_timeout) from [] (wait_for_common+0xa4/0x180)
      <7>[ 5556.179725] [
      ] (wait_for_common) from [] (do_hotplug+0x7c/0x1b8)
      <7>[ 5556.179742] [
      ] (do_hotplug) from [] (kthread+0xb4/0xb8)
      <7>[ 5556.179756] [
      ] (kthread) from [] (kernel_thread_exit+0x0/0x8)

      Right now I am speaking of memory (am not looking at ShinTo Kernel’s source code), so I could be totally mistaken.

      • julk77 says:

        Thank you, when the sod occurred, since I had Powerguard enabled, I thought that pressing more than 2 times on the power button would help, yes 🙂

  28. yoyoa says:


    Any news for lollipop kernel ? 🙂

    • CeKMTL says:

      Soon there will be an initial public beta 😉
      Very sorry about the long delay, been working on many different projects.

      • yoyoa says:

        No matter take your time 🙂
        It’s just to know if this project still alive.

        Waiting 😀

        • CeKMTL says:

          Yeah, it is alive and very important to me and I want to evolve it beyond what is expected. Am studying “Advanced Operating Systems” to understand more about the inner workings, among other things.

          • Flint777 says:

            Hey Dev!
            Is there a reason why the v40AO6 link for t-mobile not working? I can only download the n9005 link…thanks for the hard work!!

          • CeKMTL says:

            It should be working but maybe something got broken…will have to check that once I’m near a computer…right now away from home on the highway…thx for reporting!

  29. Flint777 says:

    Alright Thanks!!

  30. Flint777 says:

    So much appreciated. Man, I’ve been following your work since XDA…No Dev has never been available as you are…thank you for your dedication

  31. Gee Zaz says:

    finally found a stable and awesome kernel. been using it for 2 days now and got no any problem so far! thanks shinto! u rock! \m/ d[0_0]b \m/

  32. Yosh says:

    Hi, any news of this project?

  33. chris122 says:

    My eye is on precog.me right now!!!

  34. kevp75 says:

    I think my F5 button is wearing out 😉
    Can’t wait bud!!!

  35. kevp75 says:

    Hey Bro, can I ask you for a hand?
    I’ve tried following almost every single tutorial out there in regards to compiling a kernel, and I’ve grabbed Stock Samsung kernel straight from their site, and all I’m attempting at this point is to compile it flat out… and it just continually errors on me during the build process… mostly with exfat.

    I’ve tried the following toolchains, and they all have the same effect. NDK, Linaro, SaberMod, & Hyper

    Can you point me in the right direction? I trust your judgement the most 😀

    These, so far are the steps I’ve taken:

    with all the t.c.’s I mention above….

    Hit me up in pm, or email or something 🙂

  36. chris122 says:

    Well I broke my f5 so I’m going to bed, I was so excited….

  37. chris122 says:

    I guess not, no answer…

  38. chris122 says:

    I’m asking about update kitkat kernel , you said in the week is it releases yet or you still working on it?

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