[RELEASE] ShinTo Kernel “SecondReality” V40A01


More information of the origins of ShinTo Kernel can be found in previous version posts.

How to install ShinTo Kernel?

  1. First CREATE A BACKUP OF YOUR ROM (in case something awful happens and you need to restore)!
  2. Did you create the backup in recovery?
  3. Go to recovery mode (Power off phone / Once powered off, press PWR + HOME + UP VOL).
  4. Once inside recovery (tested with TWRP you select install and choose the .ZIP that you have previously downloaded from here.
  5. Once installed, reboot into normal mode and wait for the phone to come up.

One thing you will notice right out of the bat is that the led starts to blink in different colors and brightness; that’s ShadowLED working for ya 😉

How to UNinstall ShinTo Kernel?

  1. Flash any other kernel you would like on top of ShinTo Kernel.
    ShinTo kernel uses it’s own unique and private “init.d” so from this version on, it won’t touch  /system/etc/init.d anymore.
    All options can be enabled/disabled in Synapse and the settings survive a flash, reflash & even a format, backup, restore, etc…

Alternatively you can recover the backup of your rom if you messed something up.

How to go from EXT4 to F2FS & vice versa?

ShinTo Kernel includes a new and much improved clever code at bootup that takes care of a couple of things for you, so you can test F2FS in any combination you see fit, and even go back to EXT4 if you don’t like F2FS without loosing any data but you have to follow some logical steps detailed here by the great Megaflop666:

  1. Update TWRP to the latest and greatest ( at the time of this writing), you can download it from http://teamw.in/project/twrp2
  2. Drop to TWRP and flash the latest Shinto Kernel ShuriKen
  3. Reboot and let the phone fully boot up and settle down, give it 15 minutes
  4. Open Synapse and make sure all settings are stock, if it tells you that your previous settings cannot be used, click “Understood“, and then click the apply check mark at the top.
  5. Go into ES File Explorer or something of your choice and get ALL USER DATA THAT YOU WISH TO KEEP off of the internal SD card.
  7. Drop to TWRP and run a FULL NANDROID BACKUP to your External SD Card.
  8. Go to SETTINGS and unselect (un tick) “use rm -rf instead of formatting” (We want TWRP to actually format with f2fs)
  9. Go to Wipe and Choose Advanced Wipe
  10. Select System and choose change or repair file system
  11. Choose f2fs and go through the steps where it tells you that all data will be lost and apply it.
  12. Follow steps 9-11 for Data and Cache one at a time.
  13. Go to SETTINGS and select (tick) “use rm -rf instead of formatting” (We don’t want TWRP to restore back to EXT4)
  14. Do a restore, but ONLY CHECK SYSTEM & DATA for restoral, NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED.
  15. It will tell you that your backup was made with ext4 and may not boot, don’t worry it will boot.
  16. After restore, reboot your device. First boot will take a few because it’s a new file system and your apps will have to reconfigure themselves, etc.

You can see what partitions are in what format if you go to the i/o VM tab in Synapse. 

On what models does ShinTo Kernel work?

For the time being, it has been confirmed to run very fast & stable on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (international SnapDragon) and on N900T (TMO T-Mobile USA), on any Samsung KIT KAT 4.4.2 TouchWiz rom.
It is only meant to work on Samsung TouchWiz roms, for now… 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PrecoGOV : Once you enable PrecoGOV governor, the only thing you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride as it will become the sole captain of your starship, managing everything to give you the best user experience possible.
    You don’t need to turn off/on anything.
  • Can I run ShinTo Kernel without PrecoGOV? : Yes for now you can but the experience won’t be as good…why would you do that?
  • What does PrecoGOV do? : PrecoGOV manages your cores, their frequency, their temperature, their deep sleep, takes care of helping the GPU and even squeezing the best battery life possible all while giving you the best user experience.
    To know more please check this article -> Why Create PrecoGOV
  • What settings can I tweak? : There are NO settings to tweak with PrecoGOV; that’s the whole point! PrecoGOV is constantly self adapting to the way you use your phone, anticipating your moves and giving you the exact amount of power just when you’re about to need it.
  • What tweak program to use? : The included Synapse has everything you need and more to manage all the settings. Other tweak programs should work but keep in mind there are some specific ShinTo Kernel settings that they can’t manage.
  • Where’s that “PrecoGOV”? : My apologies, PrecoGOV is the “Precognition Governor”.
    In my day to day I tend to call it PrecoGOV as it is shorter and catchier 😉
  • After selecting PrecoGOV, do I have to enable Intelli-Hotplug? : NO. PrecoGOV takes care of everything including managing the hotplugging process.

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25 Responses

  1. Alexander Wolf says:

    Any chance we will see this kernel functioning with N9005 running the leaked Lollipop build? Much appreciated for your work, loved it on 4.4.2, but Lolli is so much smoother and with more options that I would rather not go back to KK…

  2. Alexander says:

    I love to see the precogGov developing…. Good work! Keep it up!!!

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you!; PrecoGOV will develop into much more than what it is now and as soon as Samsung drops LP Kernel sources, I’ll start porting over and releasing a ShinTo LP Kernel.

  3. bassini says:

    PrecogGOV is precognition yes ?

  4. eric says:

    Can you confirm that CIFS support was removed in this version?

  5. bins says:

    This kernel is amazing my phone flies.thank you

  6. binnns says:

    This kernel is amazing very fast and smooth.thank you for sharing your talent.

    • iamskynet says:

      There will be a lot more exciting and exclusive stuff for the Note3 ….This phone is a beast and can do soooo much more than it is currently doing!

  7. Ghost says:

    Is there a way to UV by script/terminal command?
    If there is can you please tell me how?
    I’m not using Synapse or any other app to configure your kernel, so it would be awesome to be able to UV by script.

  8. J. Terrell says:

    Great release. This kernel is kicking ass! Buttery smooth and it sleeps better than a baby. Many thank yous for your amazing work.

    • iamskynet says:

      Thank you!
      Stick around as V40A02 should be release anytime soon and it should be a LOT better than V40A01 😉

      • 6h0st says:

        This kernel is far better than any other I’ve tested so far. Can’t wait to see the next version.
        (PS: Didn’t find anything about good UV with scripts from Google, if anybody knows or find something about Undervolting Note 3 with scripts please let me know here, if anyone else is interested, or at [email protected].)
        Keep up the ShinTo way! 😉

  9. 6h0st says:

    I have a stupid question now…
    What’s the point of having 268,8 mhz CPU frequency if it consumes 750mv like 300 mhz frequency? Shouldn’t it be set to a lower step like 730 or 740 as default at least?

    • iamskynet says:

      Well… It depends on each and everyone to experiment.
      I have been running 268 @ 630mV for months without issues… 😉

      PS: If you overclock or undervolt and you have issues, it will be up to you to sort them out.

  10. smaiarif says:

    Any support for 5.1.1 tw roms

    • CeKMTL says:

      Yep…. You should use the Great DARKERA13 5.1.1 rom for when ShinTo Kernel will be available openly.
      ShinTo Kernel is now in private closed beta in the 5.1.1 Spanish rom by Danivancouver and will be released sometime this coming week.

      Among other things ShinTo Kernel solves the video camera flicker.

      Stay tuned for more in my twitter account.

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